A Switch Mini Would be Great for Nintendo, And Here's Why

As many of you Nintendo fans have probably heard, many sources report that Nintendo has a newer Switch model in the works. This model will seemingly lack Joy-Con and have a price reduction in order to offer a cheaper option to the public.

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slavish06d ago

Nintendo is not cutting the price. Their sales r through the roof

Profchaos6d ago

They downgraded their sales targets recently

AnthonyDavis6d ago

We need stronger hardware, not weaker and smaller hardware.

RizBiz6d ago

"Compatible with dock"
Anything smaller than the Switch won't be compatible with the dock. Dumb article.

Codewow5d ago

The quote suggests that the smaller switch would still Ben the same thickness, with a smaller width. Which would work fine. They have room to shrink the switch:

RizBiz5d ago

I'm looking at my Switch on the dock right now. There is 1cm of space on each side between the dock and the analog sticks. There's no point in releasing a Switch Mini if it's only 2cm smaller in width.

kneon5d ago

The hub is nothing but a powered USB to hdmi adapter, They could just build an HDMI port directly into the device. I've had tablets and phones with an HDMI port, and my PSP Go had video out, though not HDMI given how long ago it released.

RizBiz5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yeah, that'd be nice. One of the main reasons why I never bought a Vita was because it didn't have video out. I never understood why they didn't release a TV dock with/for it, and when the Switch was announced I face-palmed so hard it hurt.

iplay1up25d ago

I don't want a smaller version of the Switch, with that being said, of course they can make a smaller one that would work with the dock.

I want a Switch pro, with a bigger screen.

Melankolis6d ago

Nintendo has records with downgrading hardware quality after price-cut (yellow-stinted screens on 3DS ouch!).

InTheZoneAC6d ago

you want even smaller joycons? lol /article

porkChop6d ago

They wouldn't be detachable. It would basically just be a handheld.

staticall6d ago

Then what about games like 1-2-Switch and Labo? They require detachable controllers.

Critic4l_Strik36d ago

They might force people to buy the joycons for those particular games if this switch mini is an actual thing

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