Apex Legends: Battle Pass, a Twitch Event, and new Legends announced

Get ready for some new Legends, a Battle Pass, Valentine’s Day Event, and even some brand new weapons to enjoy.

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Zeke688d ago

And so the milking of customers begins.

thrust8d ago

The game is free and you don’t have to pay for the battle pass if you don’t want to!

What is confusing you?

Zeke688d ago

Nothing confuses me. I rather pay one sum for entire game instead of paying for a zillion "season-"passes that make the game (that ain't that great compared to standalone games like Doom, Wolfenstein 2 or whatever) end up costing like 500€ or something like that. Ofc course the programmers and and artists need their salarys, but if other can release complete 60€ games, why pay 5-10 times more ? That I don't like, and I ain't confused about it either ! :)

Zeke688d ago

And how free is games like this when a few seasons passed, and you get oneshot with some uberweapon only available in latest season pass ? EA always finds a way to mess up the free vs paid balance in their games !

Rude-ro8d ago

The fact that the legends have abilities...
unlike fortnight and overwatch, the legends could be used to get an advantage in order to entice purchases since the the economy is not overly friendly.
It can be possible to create a pay to win since the legends themselves can have kill abilities.
I know while the game is fresh, everyone will ignore this fact.. but this is what separates this from other free to play br games or even paid for br games.

antz11048d ago

@Rudo, it doesn't say the new legends are tied to the battle pass. Maybe it'll be like Paladins where you pay a one time fee for every character ever to come out and the battle pass is a separate entity.

frostypants7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

@Zeke68, you mean like Black Ops 4? Pay once, so they have your money and then slowly stop supporting the game? Versus getting a completely playable game for free, with the ability to buy cosmetic stuff as you like, and the support continues as long as there is a player base? You prefer paying up front for a game that will die in a few months? Really? I'm not a big fan of most F2P approaches but Apex gets it right. If you don't see the benefit you're not looking very hard.

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Pinkamena_Diane_Pie8d ago

Cause you know, these artists, programmers, etc, love working for free! :)

Darkwatchman8d ago

None of the stuff you unlock in this game or pay money for in this game will give you an advantage. The only exclusive battle pass owners get is exclusive skins that can’t be unlocked otherwise. Big deal.

Rude-ro8d ago

Legends have abilities.. some abilities can greatly improve a scenario and even help finish off a team. Ie get kills.
If you do not think this will be used to entice purchases.. then I believe you are ignoring it.

Darkwatchman8d ago


If you know anything about this game, you’d know the weapons are much more useful than the legends’ abilities. Legends all can be unlocked without paying, but considering none of the characters so far are “clearly the best character whose abilities will absolutely net you a win”, it’s not the major thing you’re making it out to be. Abilities are more supplementary than game changing.

Rude-ro8d ago

I’m not making it out to be more than it is..
I am saying, we do not get access to the characters. They are unlocked per a players experience.
Although you are correct on the abilities vs weapons.. there are scenarios the abilities net the win if it is on a class that can do large area effects. It 100% comes into play...
Are you saying these abilities will not come into play further down the line when they are part of enticing part of the game?
You can not simply dismiss abilities that can do damage and said characters will have to be unlocked or can be purchased.
It will fall into that thin line of pay to win or it is pushing the boundaries.

Darkwatchman8d ago

@rude, we do get access to characters. You just have to use the red currency or whatever it’s called to unlock them. Exclusive skins are all battle pass owners get exclusively

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opc8d ago

you'd rather pay one sum instead of nothing?

Zeke688d ago

Are you playing stupid or what? I explained above how "nothing" doesn't exits for EA and that "free" games are never truly free in the long run. I know because I bougth a few card packs for Heartstone just after it's release, and that made me see how these dlc pixels and seasons is just fluff to take as much money from you as possible.
So, yes, I rather pay for a full game with truly free DLC afterwards.
IF I would get a free game with 100% addons after that, ofc I rather take the free game. But that won't happen during my lifetime, that's for sure.

opc8d ago


They've already tricked you into thinking you need to spend money. Just don't buy the extras. Play the free game until the next big thing comes out in 2 or 3 months.

GamerHeaven8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I think we as customers should get better info when a game like Apex releases how they want to sell dlc, well let's say the coming 3-4 years. That way it would be easier to determine how much it will cost in the end and if it's worth it or not. Now it can be an neverending pay-off plan. And that ain't good for us costumers imho.

Zeke688d ago

Actually I haven't bought anything after those few cardpacks. As soon as Blizzard started their first season I made an active choice: I NEVER EVER play any games with "seasons" apart from one, ironically Blizzards Diablo 3 on PS4, but those "seasons" are free hehe ;)

opc8d ago

I just don't get why people feel that they are required to spend money on cosmetics in a free game. If the game becomes pay-to-win at any point, just stop playing and move on to one of the other 6745 games releasing this year. This guy wants EA to detail their exact plans for the next 4 years, haha.

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frostypants7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

OMG the game with arguably $40 worth of free content is...*gasp*...trying to make money on cosmetics?! And...and...well balanced additional characters?! THE HORROR. /s

Seriously, the sense of entitlement of some people is hilarious..."make me things for FREE!!!"

conanlifts7d ago

You can unlock characters by playing the game. Like Fortnite the season pass just unlocks exclusive skins.

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monkey6028d ago

As someone who doesn't buy into microtransactions at all... I'm probably going to end up with this pass. The game is quickly becoming an obsession for me

ThatDudeMunkee7d ago

You and I both. I've actually uninstalled Fortnite and Blackout for Apex Legends. I'm really hoping to see this one go the distance and even further past that. Respawn is definitely onto something with it.

HylianMigz8d ago

if a game is f2p i usually spend 30-60$ on it, around the price of a full game, and then i dont buy anymore. always seemed reasonable to me.

xX-oldboy-Xx8d ago

If I'm still playing after a week - I do the same. The next purchase only happens if something big drops and I'm a month or so in.

HylianMigz8d ago

same here. fortnite was a little too cartoonish for me and pubg too grounded in reality, apex is a perfect middle for me.

ThatDudeMunkee7d ago

Same. I'm glued. If I'm not working on reviews, I'm playing/streaming Apex Legends. It's not a bad game and I'll definitely be investing in a Battle Pass. I'm hoping they add a "Legends Pass" so we can just buy the future Legends outright and not have to worry about buying/earning them later.

NautilusXIII7d ago

now if sumthin could be done bout the ps4 servers.

ThatDudeMunkee7d ago

The servers in general. I'm not sure they were expecting this kind of traffic.