Sony Interactive Reveals New Executive Structure

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds as Sony has announced a new Executive structure for the Interactive Entertainment division.

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Persian_Immortal10d ago

Props to John Kodera for realizing Jim Ryan's capabilities, expertise and suitability for the role, as well as doing whats best for business and best for PlayStation.

Garethvk10d ago

They are getting things in order for the future plans. Some very impressive people.

SuperSonic919d ago

Man oh man!

Its mind numbing that PSN has grown so amazingly huge it alone makes more money than the whole Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo combined!!!!

Surely a herculean job for Mr. Johnny Kodera. It needs careful attention like Jack Tretton was to SCEAmerica.

What a shuffle.
Well more power to the PlayStation Nation!

shaggy23039d ago


Are you on glue or something?

Your saying PSN generates more revenue than Nintendo and Microsoft combined?

Do you have any evidence at all of this or is this something you just through you read somewhere, didn't really understand what you were reading and made bits of it up to make you happy.

PSN generated 12.5 billion dollars in 2018
Xbox generated 11.5 Billion dollars in 2018
Nintendo generated 9.6 Billion dollars in 2018

Now if you can show some evidence that shows you're right great, but I doubt you can.

Razzer9d ago


Not combined. PSN made more more money than the entire MS gaming division and Nintendo individually.

DaDrunkenJester9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


Perhaps you need to explain something to me here, but how is PlayStation in such a massive lead in console sales, but barely outselling Xbox and Nintendo in total revenue?

I have to be reading something wrong here. Is it just digital sales? If so, I'd still assume they would be in a much greater lead even in digital with over 2 to 1 market lead.

shaggy23039d ago


Yes I know that, funnily enough I can read.

My comment was aimed at SuperSonic91 who said tha the PSN revenue was more than xbox and nintendo COMBINED.

Razzer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


This is PSN only in comparison to the ENTIRE gaming division at Microsoft. That's digitial only at Sony vs all software, physical and digitial, Xbox Live, hardware sales, etc at Microsoft. Same for Nintendo.


Yeah.....I was agreeing with you. Congrats on being able to read.


Seems you don't understand what PSN vs the MS gaming division means at all. And MS does not report profit for its gaming business so you are just making that up. Next gen console's power is speculative and has nothing to do with anything being discussed either.

9d ago
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Obscure_Observer10d ago

I don´t think Ryan is up to the task. He has been vocal against crossplay and backwards compatibility. And since he believes in protect children from "external influences", i don´t think he´ll revoke Sony´s new censoring policies.

I might be wrong tought. Time will tell.

StormSnooper10d ago

Oh well what a suprise, obscure doesn’t think it’s good news for PlayStation. I’m shocked!

TGGJustin10d ago (Edited 9d ago )

OMG enough with these ignorant posts. Jim Ryan is not against Backwards Compatibility. Did you read the stupid media headlines that made it out like he was? You must have because you clearly didn't read his quote.

His quote specifically mentions PS1 and PS2 games and how bad they look today which they do. Why would most people go play Gran Turismo 1 or 2 over GT Sport is what he basically said. He's right, they wouldn't. Most people will look at those old graphics and shut that down. He never spoke about the PS3. The man isn't against the idea at all.

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S2Killinit9d ago

Luckily Sony doesnt talk as much as MS. They are more about games than PR. So it should be fine.

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Knushwood Butt9d ago

The wait for Crackdown 3 must be unbearable.

Obscure_Observer9d ago


"Oh well what a suprise, obscure doesn’t think it’s good news for PlayStation. I’m shocked!"

Don´t be. Just go on pretending that everything is fine and dandy over Lalala Land. Afterall, Sony can´t do wrong, right?

You can´t counter my arguments so you have nothing but to resort to your tired deflect card. What about going outside and check the reactions from PS fans about Ryan´s promotion on official Playstation channels?

All i can say, is that nobody is happy as you are.

zoks3109d ago

Not up for the task? He manages their strongest region in all of the world. EU sells more PS4s than USA and Japan combined.... he is exactly what SIE needs.
Kodera is going to work on what he does best "Networks" aka the PS6 and onwards will likely be just all streaming.
On paper, and looking at what both men and their teams do best, makes this a good and reasonable restructure.

RobtimusPrime9d ago

@ Obsure_Observer
Ah! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Give it up dude. You ain't fooling anyone here. Where your partners in trolling Kribwalker & the Red Ranger?
# Fake Concern.

neutralgamer19929d ago


It's okay we exactly what you think of playstation brand. We gucci over here not aboit no PR but actual results

StormSnooper9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Nobody is pretending anything accept for you pretending to be concerned for PlayStation. 😉
But rest assured, PlayStation has been doing its thing consistently for 4 generations. 👍

9d ago
UltraNova9d ago


You are more transparent than clean water. Give it up.

NarutoFox9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Lol what a hilarious comment 😁

sprinterboy9d ago

You like embarrassing yourself don't you?
Thx for the pm btw/S

rainslacker9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I don't think Spencer is up to the task either. He's a putz, who is very vocal about everything, even when it's not something about xbox, or himself. He believes in protecting the gamer from "internal influences" like quality video games, and I don't think he'll reverse MS current position in the market.

I might be wrong though. Time will tell.

It's fun pulling crap out of my ass. I can see why you like doing it so often.

"You can´t counter my arguments so you have nothing but to resort to your tired deflect card"

Would help if you offered up an actual argument, instead of some hyperbole, and a bunch of facts that aren't supported based on actual quotes in the context they were made. Closest you got to was his reason Sony was supposedly not doing cross play, and to this day, I bet you can't take that "external influences" to mean moderation of players on other services, but seem more than happy to use it in your "argument".

"Don´t be. Just go on pretending that everything is fine and dandy over Lalala Land. Afterall, Sony can´t do wrong, right? "

What sweet delicious irony.

Obscure_Observer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


Calm yourself. You seem bitter and a bit angry than usual. That little interview with Layden and his current stance regarding AAA games aparently has triggered something in you.

And now that Sony put that joker Ryan in charge, negative and skeptical comments regarding Sony´s decision is pi$$ing you off.

You believe Spencer shouldn´t be in charge. I believe Ryan shouldn´t be in charge. What´s the difference? Opinions.

RobtimusPrime9d ago

This guy....
"You believe Spencer shouldn´t be in charge. I believe Ryan shouldn´t be in charge. What´s the difference? Opinions."
They ARE opinions your finally right about something you should change your name to broken clock. However when one looks at the history of both men their record speaks for itself. One has an incredible record of success, one has a lackluster record of disappointment. 2019 isn't looking too good for MS. It's all about the games Junior. MS has completely shit the bed this gen in regards to games that can't be found elsewhere. Gamepass, 'Da Beast' 9,976 different controllers are the sport pepper & condiments on a hot dog. The games ARE the hot dog. Sony serving Vienna beef & XBox dishing out Aldi Corn King knockoffs.

Ryan got the historic success of the PS4. Phil has the worst console in the history of his brand (exclusive gamewise). This reality is anything but 'obscure' most can see things for what they are. Unless of course they DON'T WANT TO.

You are beyond shameless. I'm embarrassed for you.

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chadwarden10d ago

Jim Ryan could become the next Don Mattrick considering the things he's said in the past.

Jin_Sakai10d ago

Things he said in the past aside he’s pretty much made PlayStation dominate Europe. He knows his stuff.

chadwarden9d ago

I know he knows his stuff. It's the optics of what he says is what I'm concerned with

TGGJustin9d ago

LMAO Mattrick ruined the Xbox brand this gen. Jim Ryan has made PlayStation a pretty much unstoppable force in Europe. Not the same at all. The man isn't against all BC if you read his quote. Also you don't know how companies work I guess as his Cross-Play comment was likely something he was just told to say at the time.

chadwarden9d ago

“That, and I was at a Gran Turismo event recently where they had PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they looked ancient, like why would anybody play this?”

Based on this, it doesn't sound like he cares for BC

TGGJustin9d ago

@chadwarden "and the PS1 and the PS2 games, they look ancient"

Sounds to me like he was talking about PS1 and PS2 games not backward compatibility in general. He said nothing about the PS3. If you've fired up most games from that gen on a modern TV he is absolutely correct. They look and play very poorly. Most people would shut them off and go back to something modern.

ZwVw9d ago

Xbox brand was its most profitable (7th Gen) when Mattrick was at the helm. If Xbox is still struggling to this day because of a botched launch, then that says more about their current leadership (Spencer) than anything else.

Sony was able to rebound the PS3 after a disastrous launch. Why hasn't MS been able to do the same?

I_am_Batman9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

“When we’ve dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say it is one of those features that is much requested, but not actually used much,” - Jim Ryan

He was talking about backwards compatibility. Even if he focused on PS1 and PS2 titles. That's half of the Playstation catalogue right there. I'm sure that most people that want bc want it for PS1 and PS2 also (I definitely want it). It's also not the fact that he criticised them for their ancient looks that is controversial. Everyone knows that. The problem is that he dismissed the whole topic by asserting that nobody would want to play those old games.

With that being said I don't think we should read too much into his statements at that time. The interview was in June 2017 and it's possible that it was just a typical PR answer because he knew that PS4 won't have bc and Xbox One had it already.

Jim Ryan would certainly not be my personal pick for president of SIE but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

darthv729d ago

@zw, xbox is not struggling. It is in the eyes of console warriors but in the eyes of everyone else it is very profitable. Now those profits do not translate into games for me to play, but taking those profits and buying studios to develop games for me to play is where it is going.

you got to spend money to make money and Ms is making money which also means they are spending money in the process. Outside of the number of systems sold, the xbox is far from struggling. And when you look at their system sales (even though we dont know cold hard numbers) it is actually holding its own really well, all things considered.

rainslacker9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

The cross play comment was a poorly worded PR comment to basically say they were concerned about how to moderate players on other networks. He never said that he, or Sony, were outright against cross play.

As far as if he cares for BC or not, he will do what he feels is necessary to make the brand competitive. He may not even be into SP narrative games, but he'll make them because they're proven successful. Cerny pretty much stopped just short of saying that future PS consoles would have BC when he talked about one reason it was good to move to x86. This is a thing that Sony believes, but for this gen, it wasn't practical given the circumstances, and what they hoped to achieve with the console. People can say Sony doesn't believe in BC, but they've put out more patents for BC this gen and last than all other companies combined. Seems like a lot of effort to go through if the company doesn't care.

As an exec, he doesn't make all the decisions. It's a team effort, and Sony itself is going to give him goals to achieve. He can influence direction, but he isn't going to be the sole arbiter of what is to come. No more than Mattrick was. no more than Nadella is now. It's an ever evolving thing for all companies, and they'll adapt, or they'll pass into obscurity.

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S2Killinit9d ago

Don Mattrick wasnt the reason MS failed, he was the scapegoat. Did Mattrick cause the utter lack of first party games, all generation? Nope.

chadwarden9d ago

When I make the comparison to Mattrick, I'm talking about poor PR that comes out of their mouths. They both have an itch to say things consumers don't want to hear. I'm not questioning Ryan's skill/experience.

9d ago
bluefox7559d ago

Exactly. Spencer hasn't addressed the games issue at all, he's just as bad. I don't know why people are pretending that things are better now.

Cueil9d ago

Phil has addressed the first party game issue multiple times

TGGJustin9d ago

@Cueil He has? Because for the last three years they've had no exclusives worth playing outside of games with Forza in their title. Cuphead I guess too although they don't own that. Three years of mediocre first-party exclusives. How is that fixed? Oh you're going off the fact that they just got a bunch of new studios and you just assume what they put out will be better than Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Super Lucky's Tale, and Crackdown 3. Maybe wait for results before assuming he has fixed their problem.

Atom6669d ago

" Did Mattrick cause the utter lack of first party games, all generation?"

Yes, his Midas touch has stretched for years. The Mattrick/Ballmer combo and the general old guard at MS is much more than a scapegoat. His "vision" led to an over investment in Kinect and TV production groups. The suits at MS had to slowly be fazed out for Sataya to grow the company, and for Xbox group to finally make important changes.

We know it takes years to develop high quality games. Where was their investment? More 3rd party exclusives, Kinect, and TV companies.

Mattrick was run out of the business for a reason. I get that people think that Spencer should have waved his wand and instantly been given the power to create new studios, but that shows a lack of understanding of how MS and the industry operates.

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

No he did not. MS is a corporation with a board of directors (BOD). The BOD makes “all consequential decisions”, consequential decisions are “all those tactical decisions that have a substantial effect on the future success/failure of the corporation”. This is straight out of Articles of Incorporation. Don Matrich is only an “officer” of the corporation. He makes ZERO decisions. He only executes the decisions made by the BOD. Now guess who fires the officers of a corporation? You guessed it, the BOD. Same goes for Spencer, he is an officer, he executes the cards dealt to him by the BOD, just like Mattrick. And guess what generally, the BOD doesnt change unless they get bought out.


Atom6669d ago

Lol. Is that you Donny?

So the board at MS is to blame? Sure, them too. They never should have put him in that role, and never should have followed his vision. So you think the board of one of the largest companies in the world is making decisions like what exactly?

Budgets and focus are the big ones. And who do you think recommends those budgets and strategies? Who do you think oversees and directs everything in each division?

Mattrick sold them on his big vision and it was shit. No need to defend him.

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Dude i just told you officers DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS. Not sure how else i can put this for you. Xbox one was the BOD’s vision, not an officer’s. The officers dont make decisions at corporations. Everyone else including the officers/president are serving the board. They provide the board with raw information, and the BOD makes decisions including the “vision/direction” of the corp.

Im not defending Mattrick, im letting you know he didnt come up with xbox one, the BOD did. Mattrick only executed what they asked of him. Including kinect and everthing else. Then they wanted to disassociate from those decisions so they threw him under the bus.

Atom6669d ago

Dude, I'm telling you that that's not how things work.

Here, take it from an actual MS board member:

"Microsoft typically holds five board meetings a year on-site, Thompson said. One of these is typically a strategy meeting, via which the board hears about planned strategies for each part of Microsoft's business. The other four meetings tend to be focused on specific operating unit issues, and lealders of those units typically speak to the board about their particular issues and "what the financial returns will be."

Thompson emphasized that the board does not devise Microsoft's strategy; it provides insight and input on behalf of the shareholders. The board's role is "more a monitoring responsibility," he stressed. The board is charged with evaluating whether strategies are correct and product teams are executing well; whether the right financial terms and plans are in place; and how Microsoft is thinking about "human capital" in order to sustain leadership."

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

This excerbt is clearly taken out of context because it would literally be illegal for a corporation to allocate decision making to anyone other than the board members (or a subdivision of the board) who are elected by shareholders to run the corporation. The excerbt would only make sense if the speaker is basically saying that “the board is here to do the bidding of the shareholders” which is true in any corporation. Also, that statement still doesn't say that any officer is making the decisions, in fact, it seems to imply that the shareholders are somehow doing that, so my point still stands. Mattrick was not the person responsible for xbox one, it was the BOD, or as this excerb implies, the shareholders. (Although they can only do that by electing the board)

Tell me where you got the exerbt so i can look it up as well.

S2Killinit9d ago

I read the article you copied the text from, i believe he is minimizing the role of the board to emphasis the fact that the board listens to each division but exaggerates when he says the board “only monitors” as like i said, the decisions MUST be made by elected board members otherwise they are violating their fiduciary duties to the shareholders who have a RIGHT to control the direction of the corporation by voting with their shares for BOD members. So when he says we only monitor, it only makes sense that he is exaggerating the role of each division. But i hope that even this statement shows you that Mattrick was not the decision maker. He cant be. Its illegal. Even if Mattrick made suggestions (or his division did), the board has to approve them because they are the ultimate decision makers in a corporation.

Atom6669d ago

Sorry dude, taking Thompsons words and my own experience over whatever misplaced point you're trying to make.

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Im not trying to convince you, im telling you you are dead wrong. Im not copy pasting some article, I actually know what im talking about. A director saying we dont make decisions is laughable. Ask any corporate attorney. But regardless, Mattrick didnt tell MS what to do, MS told Mattrick. Mattrick’s job was to execute that order. But, you can believe what you want.

Atom6669d ago

Lmao. I AM a corporate attorney, man.

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Hahaha I can tell that you are not from the way you type and the fact that you had to rely on copy paste articles to argue your case. But sure thing buddy (;

rainslacker9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Outside of maybe a couple Forza titles, All the games on Xbox for the first three years pretty much started under Mattrick. You can't really blame him because Spencer cancelled a couple, closed down studio. Granted, he got those because he slowed down 360 game production, but at least he wasn't saying that it takes time to make games.

Board of directors sets up an overall direction for the company. The CEO, and other executives deal with bigger issues in running the business, while people like Mattrick, Spencer, House, and now Ryan, handle daily operations which will include things like deciding which games get made, or how to proceed with the general operation of the division. They'll make these decisions based on budgets, and directives passed down from the higher ups. But, they will also have influence on how to complete those directives, and often have influence on putting up things for the board to decide on, which can change the course of the directives themselves.

Atom6669d ago

Lol. I would think that lazy phone grammer and copying text are giveaways that I am. You should hear me talk in online matches if you really want your mind blown. We walk amongst you!!

Reading more articles would actually be helpful for you, though. Or go post your thoughts on abovethelaw and let all the 1Ls tell you how wrong you are if it makes you feel better. Also, listen to Rain.

The board at MS did not decide to install weak RAM, DRM, no used games, or to invest in Kinect games, time exclusivity, COD marketing, and other BS at the expense of new studio acquisitions, IP building, etc. Just think about what you're saying for a minute.

S2Killinit9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Not when it comes to shit that you should know. Be honest, you only know enough that maybe you know someone who is an attorney, otherwise you sound like the crappiest attorney I ever came across. So, whose the real attorney, your sister? If you dont know that im dead right, then you my friend, are no attorney.

Ps: 1Ls havent learned corporate law yet, gotcha! lol

Atom6669d ago

Lol. I like you.

The 1L line was the point, man. They'll tell you all the things they think they know, and really they just grabbed their older brother's outline, or a treatise and/or regurgitate something they half-learned during K's or civ pro. That's where your level of knowledge is at imo. Tell me I'm wrong.

Real life isnt the same as the bus orgs or MA's case law they'll force on you.

No family member, just me. Serve on two boards, outside counsel for 5.

I'm not bullshitting you. A corp like MS has a very "hands off" board. Read Thompson's interview again.

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Atom6669d ago

Now now, nobody can be that bad. Jim should run his talking points through their PR folks before granting interviews though.

BehindTheRows9d ago

Saying and doing are very different things. No need for the ‘concern’.

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luis_spartano10d ago

I don't know if this is good news.

If I remember right, it was Jim Ryan who talked badly about BC, saying "who want to play games that look ANCIENT?!"

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TGGJustin9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I mean sure a tiny, niche audience may want to play a few PS1 and PS2 games but most people don't. Have you fired up most PS1 or PS2 games on a TV today? They look awful and when you couple that with a lot of those outdated controls most people wouldn't give them the time of day today. Too many other current games to play.

People barely use the Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. Every now and then when something like RDR or Black Ops drops you'll see some activity but it drops off fast. Those games at least control and look decent still. PS1 and PS2 games don't.

TheUndertaker859d ago

So then Sony can’t do what MS and other companies have successfully done? Like upgrade content?

The simple reason why Sony is against BC is because they don’t own most of the content that old. Sony couldn’t deliver full backwards compatibility on PS3, namely on the digital front. It also failed to deliver a half decent product with half decent games when they brought out PlayStation Classic.

bigmalky9d ago

Yeah, I was playing Vagrant Story earlier. It's still better than anything SE have come out with in the past ten years plus.

TGGJustin9d ago

@bigmalky OK your personal opinion doesn't make it a fact and doesn't change this discussion. Cool that you enjoy that game though.

Atom6669d ago

Yet a few months later they tried to sell us a half assed PS Classic.

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bluefox7559d ago

...because PR defending company decisions is a rare thing?

Pantz10d ago

I believe PS5 will play PS4 games but I think Jim Ryan's first act will be to shut down PS3/Vita stores like the Wii has already. He is disgusted by older games.

rainslacker9d ago

Yeah. Makes sense. Easy money. no work involved. Might as well just shut it down because he can't manage to express things without being snarky. I mean, they may as well shut down PSNow also. Something he actually had a hand in helping bring to market, and he's actually pretty pro-online.

Whatever the guy may believe personally, he's still going to do his job in the capacity that Sony directs him.

KratosKonundrum10d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Everyone freaking out about Jim Ryan are being silly.

1. Jim could announce that the PS5 won't have BC and crossplay and it would still outsell their competition.

2. Jim could oversee a PS5 that has less exclusives next gen than this gen and it would still outsell its competition.

3. Jim could oversee another hacking event that compromises user accounts and the PS5 would still outsell its competition.

You know why I'm so sure? Because I don't see any of you here or on other sites ever buying an ever! And that goes for everyone in Europe and Japan too.

The freak out over Jim is silly and a waste of time.

Jim Ryan has also overseen a region where the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One 5:1. They promoted him to do the same in the US and to finally eliminate the Xbox brand like they did to Sega.

He's the executioner.

chadwarden9d ago

Your three points are akin to why PS3 stumbled out of the gate. Arrogance and poor optics. Basing the success of the PS5 on the PS4 won't work. Just like how it didn't initially work from PS2 to PS3

9d ago
chadwarden9d ago

"it didn't initially work"


porkChop9d ago

So because the PS5 will inevitably sell well, that makes all of that ok? Good sales mean it would be ok to have no BC, no cross play, less exclusives, and to have another massive online hack?

I get that those things likely won't happen, but you're acting as if that would all be totally ok with you. Sorry, but that's just ridiculous.