Single-Player Games Are Well and Truly Alive Thanks To The Art Of Storytelling

There's nothing better than getting lost in someone else's world

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chrisx10d ago

you can give a BIG thanks to Sony and the PS series for keeping quality single player games alive. special mention goes to ninty too. shame on anyone that says single player games don't have influence like before.

The Wood10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

As I get older I prefer games with stories with a little more nutrition. They don't have to be way deep but they beat fun games that are shallow for me personally. There's a space for junk food gaming, don't get me wrong but over the years the games that have stayed in my memories and were good/great experiences tend to have compelling stories.

Smokehouse10d ago

More “immersive sims” please.

Eidolon10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Prey and Deus Ex HR were awesome. Yes more immersive sims! :)

Why the disagrees :\

Smokehouse10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

right? Ultra linear movie stories are cool and all but nothing beats the illusion of choice. You can do ultra linear narratives in any medium, it's the immersive sims that are unique to games. It's not a narrative that is limited by an open world, it tells the story through open ended atmospheric gameplay. Bioshock 1 is still king of storytelling to me.

Eidolon10d ago

OH yeah, Bioshock... damnn. We need a current gen one. ;;

Smokehouse9d ago

Yeah we do. The disagrees are TLOU fanboys, they like watching their games.

StormSnooper10d ago

They are the definition of video games. Not going anywhere.

ClayRules201210d ago

And I know myself and millions of others are grateful for that.

SuperSonic9110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

This is what I am talking about.
Thank you Ken Kutaragi.
Thank you Yu Suzuki!
Shinji Mikami and H Kamiya.
Thank you Team ICO and Mr. Ueda and Japan Studio for telling stories through real time gameplay.

Thank you H Kojima.
Thank you Naughty Dog.
Thank you Sony Santa Monica.
Thank you Quantic Dreams and Super Massive.
Thank you SIE WW Studios.

The champions of storytelling through gameplay! The true game changers.
Without these guys video games will still be rrlegated and dismissed as a childs plaything... but no more!

Its one thing to design gameplay but to tell a story through gameplay is no easy task and takes alot of creativity, risk, time, effort and costs. Its not your simple kiddie eyecandy games anymore.

And these games geard towards adults are criticized the hardest compared to kiddie games which does not need complex storytelling skills to appeal to kids.

A score of 10 for God of War can not be compared to a 10 for a Pokemon game.

darthv7210d ago

you forgot to thank the coalition, 343, moon studios, comcept and especially nintendo. All of which helped contribute to the single player story driven games of this generation. Cheers all around.

Dark_Knightmare210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I’m sorry the coalition and 343 have not made a compelling story yet and the only thing they have done is take the game series of other developers and not lived up to the standard of the previous games

BehindTheRows10d ago

Well said, SuperSonic. Sony has really well and truly helped pioneer this concept. Nintendo opened the door, Sony joined. They are the corporations to thank! :)

SuperSonic9110d ago (Edited 10d ago )

You are very very welcome. 😁
Sony is making sure SP storytelling games are here to stay and thrive.
They worked very hard during the PS3 era with Uncharted and TLOU, GOW, Gravity Rush, etc now we and they are reaping the benefits.

StormSnooper10d ago

Agreed. Nintendo is there too of course.

FalconofLucis9810d ago

wow you're going to completely ignore Hironobu Sakaguchi?

BehindTheRows10d ago

Forget? I don't think he can name everybody, but Sakaguchi is surely someone to note!

bigmalky10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yoko Taro too. An anomaly under Square Enix, as they seem to have lost the plot. (pun intended)

Petebloodyonion10d ago

There will always be single player games because there will always be some demands for it.
But saying it's alive and well is like saying being a singer is a good career choice because Taylor Switf make millions.

"Yet if we harken back to late 2016, both Dishonored 2 and Watch Dogs 2 failed to set registers ringing despite receiving a positive critical reception (here at WellPlayed we gave them a 9 and 8.5 respectively), with critics labelling poor release timing and an underwhelming predecessor (in Watch Dogs’ case) as reasons for a severe dip in game sales.

Fast-forward another twelve months and all of Prey, The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus suffered from underperforming sales despite reviewing well. EA had closed down Visceral Studios, cancelling their highly-anticipated Star Wars game with it because EA believed the game was too linear and wouldn’t reap the profits it would from a season pass and microtransaction-infested multiplayer title."

What has in common Red Dead2, God of War and Spiderman 4?
They had tons of exposure, media articles, hype and publicity

What has in common all the rest?

Nacho_Z10d ago

There are plenty of well reviewed multiplayer only games that have failed too, pointing out examples of SP games that didn't succeed doesn't mean anything.

Petebloodyonion10d ago

Then please name some well-received AAA multiplayer game released in 2018 that failed

"Just for your info, crappy Fallout 76 and BF5 are in the top 50 games sold on ps4 in 2018"

The Wood10d ago

Fast forward to now and tell me why most of the game of the years of this gen and last gen were sp games. . . Please don't say flukes. . .

gangsta_red10d ago

That's not really disproving his point though considering there's been more SP games that have also failed as the OP is saying.

Even the SP games that have been nominated for GOTY is exactly what Onion is saying that they all have in common, huge hype, tons of exposure, big media behind it and lots of publicity. Doesn't leave much room for any other SP game to shine and possibly get that coveted GOTY award.

Dark_Knightmare29d ago

Your argument is ridiculous because not every single player game is going to succeed just like not every mp game is going to succeed. We have had more single player successes than failures this gen to prove that single player is here to stay. Horizon,Spider-Man,gow,Uc 4,breath of the wild, Mario odyssey all did ten plus million while Detroit,ratchet and clank,bloodborne,infamous second son,killzone shadow fall,witcher 3,ac origins and odyssey,far cry 5 etc have all sold millions of copies too.

Petebloodyonion9d ago

Most of my comment came from the article itself mentioning that a lot of single player game suffers from underperforming sales despite reviewing well.
But since single player is so healthy, I'm sure you can answer us why a publisher like Activision went from publishing 10 to 20 titles prior to 2015 to now only 2 in 2018 (COD and Spyro) or why Konami one of last gen Pioneer in single playing game stopped making game (except winning eleven in Japan)?

The Wood9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Maybe they wanted more money and sp games weren't given Activision that. With konami I can only assume bad management. It happens. Again. . Why are most of the goty awards hype related instead of quality related.

You guys are cherry picking the hype metric like multiplayer games have no hype even though they tend to sell more and have loads of hype like pubg or a number of the free to play games that also underperform. Maybe just maybe as the gaming consumers age is on average is getting older, so are their tastes. Games like Detroit, persona 5. Nioh, gravity rush relied on quality driven hype. People knew way less about those games than they did a horizon or God of war. Using hype as your reason doesn't explain why the smaller lesser known titles have been revered. I shouldn't have to disprove a disprove. The article is there to be disproved.

Quality. . Some people prefer one and done more often over seasonal games. There's space for both but it's clear sp and story driven games are just as important as they've ever been. There will be sp games that aren't up to scratch and they can suffer but that isn't unique to sp games.

Dark_Knightmare29d ago

The answer to your question is because both of those companies are not being run well by leadership. Konami even last gen was mostly known for just mgs and pes and with Kojima gone they don’t know what to do with metal gear so they haven’t been a bastion of single player for a long time. Activision might have had token campaigns for COD until the most recent one but ever since COD hit big they’ve been mostly focused on MP games with throwaway campaigns and token single player games with no effort put into them. Dont you find it funny how much trouble activision is in nowadays because of their business choices? Single player is alive and healthy which dozens upon dozens of games these last two or three years have shown.

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