It’s time for Blizzard Entertainment to part ways with Activision

Sometimes, a split of two gaming giants needs to happen for true innovation to really begin and now, it’s time for Blizzard Entertainment to part ways with Activision.

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awdevoftw9d ago

They both have anti consumer practices. They have for years. They are a match made in hell.

Tankbusta409d ago

100% hit the nail right on the head. These devs are just as bad as the publishers. Everyone cries about EA and DICE like DICE is a battered and beat woman...they are both scummy companies just like Blizzard/Activision

bradfh9d ago

Blizzard Entertainment died in 2008, You can not split company's because Activision Blizzard is one company.

Smokehouse9d ago

I don’t think you can blame Activision for their recent blunders. I think blizzard needs people to tell their own board of directors to sit down and shut up. Just collect checks and stfu, please.

RizBiz9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Every company desperately needs that. The idea that shareholders have a voice in a company is ludicrous and doesn't help anyone.

shammgod9d ago

All you can hope for is some of the talented devs to leave and start their own company

RizBiz9d ago

But then they eventually get bought out by a big corp like Activision, EA or M$, have their games cancelled, and then get shut down. It's a vicious cycle of shit.