New PSVR Controllers May Include Trigger Resistance, Hand Detection

Sony filed a new PSVR controllers patent that suggests the rumored devices may include trigger resistence and hand detection.

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Neonridr8d ago

any improvements made will be better than the move controllers. Interesting without the glowing orbs on the top, I wonder if they will swap to LED emitters like the Rift and Vive use.

zahdab7d ago

241 might be a glowing square

porkChop7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Nah, that's a trigger. Any light there would be covered by your finger. If anything, those are sensors for gestures. For example, with the Oculus controllers there's a sensor so you can point by taking your index finger off the trigger.

Fluttershy777d ago

The move controllers... also known as the maracas

Lionsguard6d ago

As much as people bash the move controllers, I will say this, I've never had it lose tracking on me ever. When the camera sees the controllers, the tracking is perfect and spot on. I also have a Vive and I expected it work much better but there have been plenty of times that it just randomly loses tracking and my controller just runs away from me. Sometimes, although rare, it never even recovers tracking. Usually though I have to wave it around and wait like 5 seconds before it gets its senses back.

TadTrickle6d ago

Sounds like you have the lighthouse in a bad spot, bc I have a vive as well, and it's consistently crazy accurate. NEVER lost connection, just wanna put that out there.
I don't have a psvr so I cannot speak on it.
But I did buy all the move stuff last gen and they worked better than the wiimotes

Unspoken6d ago

Interesting, the Rift has not given me any issues with tracking. Ironically the biggest issue with the move controllers is tracking. Also the PSVR is seriously lacking in quality titles and the resolution is so low you can barely make out the mess displayed on the headset. It's definitely entry level and at least a cheap way to experience VR, but I wouldn't skimp on the experience as it truly is immersive. Robo Recall and Lone Echo are two titles that have made me hopeful for the chance to see a triple a game in VR.

Lionsguard6d ago

@TadTrickle I've tried many configurations and my room is not that big. I even connected both light houses with the sync cable even though I don't need it. I've tried everything but it does still happen from time to time. Super annoying but I still prefer it over PSVR. If Sony can manage to cut the cables and provide better tracking, they'll have a winner. Then again, PSVR as lacking as it is, already is the market leader in VR.

@Unspoken The funny thing is, I kind of prefer the PSVR's screen. I don't know what it is but the screen door effect is much less noticeable on PSVR. As for the games, I agree. The only two good games I liked were Astro Bot Rescue Mission and RE7.

Neonridr6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

as soon as you turn away from the camera with the PSVR you can throw the tracking out the window. Obviously your setups depend completely on so many different factors. My Rift is flawless, but I also went above and beyond and purchased 2 extra sensors. So my play space has a sensor in each corner giving me maximum tracking capabilities.

Even just holding the move controllers you can sometimes see the hands/gun bouncing around a little. it's far from perfect and I hope they swap to a different sort of tracking for the next iteration.

I will totally agree about the PSVR screen though. Using that pentile screen definitely helped smooth out the SDE to where it's almost unnoticeable. The only drawback is the lower resolution sort of makes smaller things in the distance turn into pixel blobs. Hopefully for the next version of headsets we can approach something like 4K per eye.

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AizenSosuke8d ago

Great this will be surely an improvements will be great

crazyCoconuts8d ago

So glad they're still investing in VR. This is where the next gen excitement is for me. Pushing more pixels is great too, but it's not really transformational like VR is.

Neonridr7d ago

sure 4K and all that look great, but VR changes up everything. Even with the resolution not being all that great, the immersion is unbelievable.

BenRC017d ago

It is, but there's nothing thats given me the "must get home to play" feeling other than re7. Enjoyed most games but the development isn't getting past cheap indie titles atm.

Neonridr7d ago

@BenRC01 - yeah the homerun titles are few and far between sadly. Thankfully I have both a Rift and PSVR so I get a little more options in terms of games. But there have still been some solid titles for the PSVR. Devs need to trust in it a little more and take the time to deliver those epic experiences.

Hardiman7d ago

I agree because even though the resolution isn't the best, it hasn't hurt my immersion or fun factor. So any improvements will be welcome!

Rip-Ridah7d ago

I agree. But I also believe that a substantial boost to the VR resolution and frame rate will make the immersion that much better.

Dfooster7d ago

Racing games will be massive on psvr2 and ps5.

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Apocalypse Shadow7d ago

I wonder if the controllers will have the ability to detect me buying them day one? Or detect my glee for next Gen vr?

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