Anthem Trophies Revealed and They're Pretty Attainable

Heads up, freelancers! The complete Anthem Trophies and Achievements have now been revealed!

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monkey6027d ago

Seems basic but it really comes down to what "challenges" entail.

Like 1 challenge being something stupid like finish all raids on impossible difficulty playing solo without firing a weapon in one sitting ha

excaliburps7d ago

I think it's doable definitely. Some seem tedious though. Forcing you to play with weapons, etc.

TK-557d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Have Bioware games ever had difficult achievements/trophies? I've know some to be moderately time consuming but never difficult.

Mfm7d ago

Hidden trophy - purchase every microtransaction availabe.

Jimboms7d ago

Oh how I've been waiting for this!