Fallout 76 Bundled with Hard Drive in Germany as Retailers Try to Dump Stock

Fallout 76 gets another odd bundle at German retailers, as employees explain the difficulty of forcing free games on unsuspecting customers.

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TheColbertinator10d ago

Fallout 76 must go F2P immediately to avoid further embarrassment

Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

It's too late, the core game itself is broken and they would have to redo almost everything to make people have any reason to download it.

shammgod10d ago

Yep. It’s a disaster. Every update damages some other aspect of the game.

ButtAnihilator10d ago

I wouldn't even play it if it went GP2P (get paid to play).

ccgr10d ago

May check it out if free ;)

Rude-ro10d ago

So is anything that gets bundled considered as such? .. because this is nothing near something new in the industry.
But i love the dramatic twist in order to make it a headline.
I’m not defending the game.. just trying to understand the double standard of said scenario.

Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

You don't see games like Spider-Man or Smash Ultimate being bundled (for free) with accessories and what not.

This isn't a bundle, this is a blowout of stock and they are basically giving them away and making sure it's with a product that will most certainly sell.

I think you reached way too far and made a comparison that's not an apples to apples situation. There's no "dramatic twist", this game bombed so hard retailers are finding new ways to get rid of it, plain and simple.

Rude-ro10d ago

Why would you list successful items as your point?
I am saying, like when Best Buy bundles a console with a tv... is it because it is failing or what?
There is no difference other than how you title it.

luckytrouble10d ago


When you see a bundle like that, ask yourself what the store is trying to sell. If a console is being bundled with a TV, it's either a promotional deal sponsored by one company or another (which is usually advertised as such) or odds are high they're just offloading an item selling poorly (like say a kind of bad model of TV). What better way to do that than saying you're tossing in something actually somewhat desirable worth a few hundred dollars? Draw attention away from the blah TV by offering something that overshadows what would otherwise be a hard sell.

The principal is the same. Use something that does sell to get rid of something that doesn't. The use of successful items as comparison should illustrate that when things sell well, you aren't going to suddenly see it being bundled for free at retailers as if having stock is suddenly a major inconvenience.

Gwiz10d ago

lol are you denying the reason that is given?you are confusing AF

Hungryalpaca10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Bundling a console with a TV is an incentive.

You don’t put the GAME as the bonus with a HARD DRIVE.

InputTranslation10d ago

Can’t give em away. Atlas was free and way better than this solid turd

10d ago
Erolyn10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The greatest game ever created. The pure genius of Bethesda is hard to grasp!

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