What We Want From Pokémon On Switch

GI: "The Switch presents a big opportunity for Pokémon and this is how we think the game should look."

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milohighclub8d ago

This is probably gonna be the Pokemon game I've been waiting for the past 20+ years. However, it's the first one i could give a crap about. No matter how good the graphics get, how big the world gets, its still gonna be the exact core mechanics. Turn based rpgs have seemed dàted for the last 10+ yrs. So it's gonna be the exact same dated gameplay we've had since red n blue.

Xexal8d ago

Turn based rpgs are far from dead Persona 5, Octopath Traveller and DQXI are all turn based and reviewed and sold well, not everyone love COD and Battle Royale games.

If Nintendo does this right it could easily be the biggest game they have ever released.

milohighclub6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yeah assumptions will get you nowhere i. Life. I don't like cod or battle royal games. I've been a massive Pokemon fan since i first watched it on fox kids. Probably been playing turn based since before you was born mate. But having one game stick to the exact same mechanics for over 20 years gets stale.

I'd rather the battle system evolved into either a fighter like pokken or have overworld battles where you control the Pokemon like some of the fan gaames

Even if they added a dodge or counter or something simple that was manually controlled would freshen it up a bit.

So you're saying you are happy to play 10/15 hrs of pressing one button over and over iis the best/ most interesting way to play?

Atom6666d ago

Pokemon came after my time as a kid, so I'm not overly familiar with it. However, isn't turn based gameplay and strategy important to its core appeal? How would real time fighting work?

CorndogBurglar6d ago

Turn based isn't dated. It's been around a while, sure. But there is a certain type of strategy involved when turn based games are done well that no full on action games can mimic. That's the appeal. Being able to think about what the opponent has already attacked you with, what status effects you both have, trying to predict what the opponent will do on their next turn, and then reacting to all of that. There's nothing dated about that. It's just a type of game that clearly isn't your cup of tea. That's all.

milohighclub6d ago

Only played it religiously for over 20yrs, it was my cup of tea, it just got stale after 20yrs of pressing A. I just want them to freshen it.

Turn based should be an option in the settings but it should have a choice for something more experimental. There's not really any strategy involved at all. I didn't even bother raising Pokemon in lets go, just raised Pikachu and a haunter and battered pretty much every trainer using one/two moves with each. Nothing strategic. I battered most trainers using thunder/thunderbolt.

Don't even need to think about it anymore.

CorndogBurglar6d ago

"didn't even bother raising Pokemon in lets go, just raised Pikachu and a haunter and battered pretty much every trainer using one/two moves with each. Nothing strategic. I battered most trainers using thunder/thunderbolt."

That's because Let's Go was extremely easy, man. It was a very watered down battle system made to be easy.

milohighclub6d ago

Yeah it was but that's not why i did that. I just couldn't be arsed with it. Bern that way for a while now.

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-Foxtrot8d ago

For being the first big, new gen, Pokemon game...something we've all been waiting for, then I want it to just go back to the old school core mechanics. Focus more on the Pokemon designs so we don't get another Ice Cream cone or a a keyring.

No Z moves
No Ultra Beasts
No Mega Evolutions
Nothing like that

DJK1NG_Gaming7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Gen 5 design were mostly bad because it was made to be a Generation 1 Reboot.
The gears resembles magnet
The garbage resembles the sludge
Also the reason why Gen 5 had 5 more Pokemon than Gen 1. Black & White only having them.

DJK1NG_Gaming8d ago

- More Diversity in Wild Pokémon Encounters -
Uh 3DS Pokemon games been done that.

-Broaden Combat Abilities
This is not valid if you are someone who think Pokemon Let's Go is an amazing game or step in the direction.
"Broaden Combat Abilities" Was already been done in 3DS Pokemon games.

-Have Every Pokémon be Obtainable
No because not every Pokemon exists in a single region.
There a reason Safari Zone exists in some region because those Pokemon are native to that region.

-Open it Up the world? You say that but praise Let's Go? LMAO
They been doing that. XY was more open. Alola was open.
Let's Go was so stupid the point it kept the SAME 1:1 mapping.
Trash region that had no:
Day Night Cycle
No Weather
Houses don't have bedrooms
Barely any humans outside
Terrible landscape
And Let's Go in battles look worst than Pokemon Battle Revolution does at that a Wii game in 2007.

-Change Up the Starters

-Tone Down the Story
No. Kanto be my least favorite is all due to how BAREBORN that region is.
There a reason why many people knows Gen 1 for the Anime. Because the anime does a better job showing the Kanto region. Let's Go tried and fall so hard on its face to even make Kanto feel alive. It's nothing but Yellow built in HD using ORAS assets.

-Let Us Snap Photos
You can do that in Pokemon XY and Generation 7.
This this author even play the 3DS Pokemon games? Or did he stop during the DS era and jump to Let's Go because he a Gen 1-2 fan?

EddieNX 7d ago

I think you're missing the point as a faithful gen 1 remake with just the let's go mechanics added to it. In that sense, the game succeeds.

I do understand what you're saying, but I do believe all the features that were missing from let's go will be present in the gen 8 Pokémon game.

DJK1NG_Gaming7d ago

Nothing Faithful about Let's Go.
Its stripes everything the game and anime taught the player.
Weaken the Wild Pokemon first before catching.
Even Misty told Ash that in Episode 2.

eagle217d ago

I can't wait honestly. I will buy Generation 8 and Let's Go on the same day but wanted to play this one first.

Lore7d ago

This is easy. Xenoblade Chronicles type of world, full of secrets and hidden areas; core pokemon gameplay.

Simple. & Clean.