Violent Video Game Tax Is Not A New Concept

Contributor Derek Grant from Handsome Phantom says that violent video game taxes are not a new concept and also contends that video games don't cause violent behavior. He goes on to say, "Blaming video games for violence is nowhere near a new concept."

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FlyingFoxy8d ago

Maybe someone needs to start blaming parents since so many kiddies run free in mature games.

isarai8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

No one was suggesting it was, it's just incredibly stupid and completely misses the point.

Fluttershy778d ago

I'm not afraid of violent video games!!!... I fear violent wackos having access to guns on a Walmart

DaGreatDennis8d ago

I just don't understand why they think that an extra $6 on a $60 game I want really bad is going to deter me from picking it up. It won't - it will just make it harder on me and more tax dollars will come in. They're getting close to penalizing us for choosing to partake in content they don't deem worth promoting.

xander707698d ago

Sin taxes do work at curbing consumption, many studies have been done on the impacts of sin taxes on things like tobacco and alcohol that show this to be true. But the real issue here is taxing something that is demonstrably not bad for society. The ridiculous scapegoating of video games needs to be resisted.

DaGreatDennis8d ago

Right. That's what I'm saying - it won't be long before politicians start deciding things are bad that society at large doesn't thing that about. When they start acting outside of what the people who elected them want - it's too much.

StormSnooper8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

If it’s any consolation, this particular sin tax will never survive a constitutional challenge. The alcohol/cigarettes tax doesn’t infringe on any fundamental rights, but this one infringes on Freedom of Speech. This Quinn guy is either an idiot, or he is just trying to look tough on shootings, or both. This type of politician is the problem, they should be voted out.

Smokehouse8d ago

No but it was rightfully laughed at back then. Not so long ago the industry cheered as jack thompson was thrown out of courtrooms for good. These days the media is worse than jack thompson and the political side is infested with morons.

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