FIFA 19 removes Ronaldo from cover based on rape accusations

Christiano Ronaldo will soon no longer be the cover of FIFA 19. The footballer, which is suspected of rape will be removed from all promotional material relating to the game. The new players for the cover have already been determined, but even this picture is not completely uncontroversial.

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kalkano10d ago

I have no idea if he's guilty or not, but that's the point:

It should be ILLEGAL to punish someone like this, unless they've been CONVICTED.

jamesdean9210d ago

You see this everywhere in the gaming scene its getting really annoying.
Even professional esports players get accused of random things, mostly backed up by some weird news story without any evidence and they immediately lose all sponsorships, partnerships,...

solideagle10d ago

Guardian of Galaxy director was fired based on some old tweet as well.

Big companies care about their image...

darkciide10d ago

Looks like EA is trying to distance themselves ahead, just in case the allegations are true.

ReelBigMike10d ago

There's nothing wrong with EA dropping him for this. It's a PR issue. It's not EA saying he's guilty, it's just EA saying that they don't want to be associated with the public perception that the accusations bring.

Neonridr10d ago

The only drawback is that if this is all over nothing, then they have now potentially lost a big star to endorse their product.

darkciide10d ago

Translated form a german magazine: "We have read the worrying reports which in detail describe the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo. We are monitoring the situation closely because we expect cover athletes and ambassadors to behave in a manner consistent with EA's values."

Han_Nolo10d ago

I agree with you. If you’re being accused of rape, you’re already on the wrong side of the whole thing, guilty or not. At some point the guy might have made a questionable decision on how to approach a situation. The rest is to be determined. An accusation is not any less important because it hasn’t been proven yet, either. It’s just a slippery slope when assuming either the guy is guilty or not, or if the accuser is lying or not.

StormSnooper9d ago

True. But as far as him being guilty, it’s highly doubtful. I think EA may have jumped the gun.

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Team_Litt10d ago

Punish? He already made his money for it.

ocelot0710d ago

Not really the point though is it? They are essentially saying he is guilty until proven innocent.

Team_Litt10d ago

You know how people are suspended with pay when they are subject to an internal investigation? Same thing. It's a public relations thing.

ReelBigMike10d ago

@ocelot07 Thery're not saying that at all. They're saying they believe that the potential gain that would come from keeping him as a spokesperson is not worth the risk of the backlash that would come if he were potentially being convicted of this crime.

Atom66610d ago

Illegal? Maybe it could be a breach of the contract he signed, but he's already been paid.

I agree that there tends to be an over reaction to any accusations these days, but pulling his picture isn't a crime. Unfortunately he's got a lot of bad heat on him right now. What's in it for EA to keep him on the cover of their game?

ButtAnihilator10d ago

This is ridiculous. Corporations should have the freedom to choose who to put in the cover of their game. If putting a particular person will get them less revenue and more controversy, they have no reason to do so.

Rimeskeem10d ago

I mean, it’s just a cover

badz1499d ago

are you serious right now? how many pro footballers are out there? to be selected as a cover athlete is a huge honor and recognition most footballers only can dream about. and just look at the cover, he's the only one there on the front of one of the best selling game of the year. just him alone!

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

There have been a few removals of people from EA games in the past because of controversy.

From a business stand point, it makes sense, because they don't want to appear like they support someone who may be guilty. If they end up not being guilty, then there is recourse for the accused to pursue compensation from those that accused them.

I think there is a fine line that has to be walked because they're selling a product, so they either have to take a stand and say that they will wait for judgement, and risk losing sales and get lots of hate in the process, or just clean their hands of it, and move on. The general consumer probably isn't going to care who's on the package.

OCEANGROWNKUSH9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Ronaldo aside... Imagine if somebody accused YOU (the reader) of some horrendous act... Now your job fires you instantly, your family, friends and peers distance themselves from you, some speak out against you. Everything that you have worked for and was working on is now gone in a flash. Nobody will hire or work with you, people look at you with disgust... this goes on for months... years even? By the time the "truth" surfaces your life has already been ruined.

This is a dangerous precedent to be set. The mob mentality of the internet has spiraled totally out of control and these companies and corporations being so quick to react to any little "controversy" just enables this ass backwards behavior.

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purple10110d ago

Less be real. He's one of or at least was one of the most handsome men in the world. Famous ones at least.. I really can't see him raping anyone.

More like holding out his thumb like hailing a cab.. And the ride comes to him quicker than an uber on heat

Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

A person's appearance has ZERO regard on whether or not they will rape someone. What is wrong with you to make that statement? Mentalities like that are why "handsome" or "beautiful" people get away with it.

Atticus_finch10d ago

I learn something long ago, never meet your heroes they will always dissapoint you.
Don't let looks fool you, he is still just a man.
Idk if he is guilty but it wouldn't surprise me.

IndieFolk10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yeah; google "Ian Watkins". Looking good and/or being famous has nothing to do with that.

Fluttershy7710d ago

Because rapiers are all ugly

Movefasta199310d ago

i'm with you, girls go crazy over Ronaldo,especially in Europe

ButtAnihilator10d ago

Is this post a troll? Handsome people are incapable of raping now?

SierraGuy10d ago

I thought this was over.

There's video showing them in a club drinking dancing.

She goes back to the hotel with him and has sex.

She knew he was a soccer player but didn't exactly know how much he was worth.

When she did all of a sudden she was raped.

Awesome. #metoo

Atticus_finch9d ago

You were there? You sound very confident.
I wasn't. But I know that's not what the accusations are.

1/5 woman are sex. assaulted #metoo

deafdani9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Your post shows you have no idea how consent works.

If someone goes to bed with you, are fully naked and about to do it, but suddenly have a change of heart and tell you no... it means no. It doesn't matter why. No is no, always, period.

I'm not saying this is what actually happened, but apparently the presumed victim and her lawyers have a pretty strong case against Ronaldo. There's nothing sudden about this, this legal process has been cooking for a good while now.

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TheSinsibleOne10d ago

All of us men are guilty until proven innocent. Life ruined before without any proof. For a lot of men.

Atticus_finch9d ago

Us men need to be better. CR7's life is far from ruined. The law is not always fair or perfect and alot guilty also go free.

EmperorDalek9d ago

And if the accused gets found not guilty? Does he still need to be better when he did nothing wrong in the first place?
Maybe Ronaldo's life wouldn't be completely ruined, as he is famous enough to avoid that. But many men's lives get irreparably damaged for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

"Us men need to be better." That's a bit of a sexist thing to say.

Atticus_finch9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Don't rape anyone and I can guarantee that you'll be fine. Even if you do, if you have money, you'll get away with it. Sex assault is very hard to prove in a court.
The fact you bring up such misconception tells me you don't know enough about Sex. Assualt.
False accusations make up a minute percentage of cases, Where as 1/5 (probably worst) woman in the USA suffers assault, and the statistic gets worst once outside the USA. Way too many women in my life have suffered, WAY TOO F*****G MANY.
Spare me the gender war, that's not what this is about. It's about making a better world for the women you love, if you actually care.
It's not sexist, it's statistics painting us this bad. I onced agreed with you until I learned more.

CaitSith9d ago

The only sensible way forward for the 21st century man is MGTOW. Mods will probably flag this as inappropriate (just like last time), but it's true.

deafdani9d ago

Statistically, a lot of rape (and other forms of abuse) victims never actually make any legal complaints against their agressors.

Also statistically, most people who stand accused of rape actually end up being guilty.

If you are accused of rape, numbers alone suggest you're more likely guilty than not.

Yes, it's a horrible reality that your reputation and life can get completely ruined if you are accused of this even if you are actually innocent; but it's an even more horrible reality that things have come to this point because such a high percentage of abusers get away with it for decades on end, many of them until the day they die. So it's understandable why we are where we are now.

TheColbertinator10d ago

Who is gonna replace him? Robinho?

Atticus_finch10d ago

I think Hazard would look pretty good in the cover.

MorbidPorpoise10d ago

shows the new box art in the article :P

badz1499d ago

I think Messi still has a contract with Konami

BadElf10d ago

But...but.. we are talking about accusations...

Oy vey

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