Mr. X Is One of the Best and Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies We’ve Seen In Years

The upgrades made to Resident Evil 2 by Capcom benefit Mr. X more than almost anything else in the game.

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Magnus7d ago

Mr. X is cool but I tend to lean more towards Nemesis

KyRo7d ago

Nemesis > Mr X

Nemesis was terrifying as a kid. Jumping out through walls, doors and popping up just when you thought you were safe. His simple 'stars' phrase, the rocket launcher, the way he looked... Just everything about him was levels above mr X for me.

Apocalypse Shadow7d ago

But is Mr X more terrifying than Mr X in Streets of Rage? That suit and machine gun were really scary back then.

spicelicka7d ago

His entrance reminds me the Berserker in Gears of war. The first encounter with the Berserker was pretty crazy.

BioNeo7d ago

"most terrifying enemy"
Yea if you're a pussy

Thundercat777d ago

I don't like him. Mr. X doesn't let me explore in peace.

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The story is too old to be commented.