BioWare: “Nothing” Gated Behind MTX Only for Anthem, Wants Players to Earn Items by Playing

BioWare says "NOTHING" is gated in Anthem by microtransactions only; says that they want players to earn items with reasonable amount of time played.

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DaDrunkenJester8d ago

Well that is good! Getting more interested as this is coming up. Hopefully all the free after launch content is decent. Is rather get okay free content, then okay paid content like in Destiny.

excaliburps8d ago

BioWare has said repeatedly that they're making the MTX cosmetics only. Free story DLC, etc. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if a new javelin is locked behind a paywall...and I gather, people will riot if that happens. Not saying that's right though.

DaDrunkenJester8d ago

As long as the javelin is still obtainable in game somehow. If it's purchase only and that's how they're going to make up for free content then it better not be OP or a higher power level to play new content forcing you to buy it.

Mirdus8d ago

If they didn't make the locked Javelin op no one would buy it, EA gotta make that money somehow, and making OP javelin and selling it for 11.99 € a piece is too tempting for them.

In the end it is not Bioware who makes these decisions, it is EA, and people should take everything Bioware says with grain of salt, and not get surprised when it all changes.

HylianMigz8d ago

i got this game or bfv for free with my graphics card and cant decide which one to redeem, dont really feel like either

Dissidia8d ago

Don't redeem either then, just play something else.

madpuppy8d ago

That doesn't make any sense, He gets either one of those games...FOR FREE, even if there were microtransactions he could effectively spend as much as 60.00 on them and still be ahead.

madpuppy8d ago

What do you prefer, first person or third person? Personally I would get Anthem, Regardless of all the complainers, It is something new as well as a really good looking game, You got it "for free" so why not play it till you get tired of it? I'll tell you one thing though, Just remember, these games do have value, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

HylianMigz7d ago

ill probably end up getting anthem since i can see myself playing that more than BFV. i played the demo for Anthem and wasnt too sold on it but like you said, its Free and i feel like itd be a waste to not at least give it another go.