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On Halloween night in 1996, a ragtag group of teenagers find themselves trapped on the East Side High School campus. There’s a killer prowling around and to avoid being slaughtered, they must find the means to escape and do so quickly. The high schoolers range from popular prom king/queen to the normally ignored nerds that are tech-savvy.

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Alexious8d ago

Not bad, but I doubt it will trump Dead by Daylight.

Garethvk8d ago

I like it better. Characters are more interesting but DBD has more bad guys to select from.

TGG_overlord8d ago

I hardly doubt it, but since I have already played L4D 1 and 2 to death, I'm going for this one and "Killing Floor 2".

BootHammer8d ago

It definitely has potential. They just need to continue improving it and adding content.