25 Greatest Final Fantasy Games Of All Time, Officially Ranked

Final Fantasy is a name that truly defines an RPG sub-genre all its own, having forged an incredible legacy long decades.

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FalconofLucis988d ago (Edited 8d ago )

That's a pretty shitty list FF9 as no. 7? FF8, 12 and 15 over FF10? Hell nah.

'Officially ranked' can't get more obnoxious than that. All these lists are subjective and always will be.

cha0sknightmare8d ago

Always going to be hugely subjective, but I literally couldn't disagree with this list more.

lociefer8d ago

"Officially ranked", puts 10 before 15, gtfo

Tapani8d ago

FFT is the best Final Fantasy game made. Next is FFVI, then VII and XII, IV V, IX, VIII, and finally the rest.

FalconofLucis987d ago

thats a pretty shitty list too