Nintendo gets caught up in lag controversy during the Smash Bros. Ultimate North America Open 2019

Nintendo has come under fire this weekend due to some issues with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North America Open 2019. It wasn't so much the gameplay issue that caused an uproar, but instead, how the situation was handled.

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Neonridr6d ago

choosing to do peer-to-peer connections and not having dedicated servers will make things like this unavoidable sadly. Some of the lag could be due to being a spectator naturally, but no need to hide anything. Just be open and say that this is the drawback of choosing that style of connection.

PurpHerbison5d ago

I think there is a little bit more to it than that. Peer-to-peer is usually just fine for me in most fighting games I play online. Sure, in a perfect world every fighting game would be running flawless GGPO netcode but this isn't a perfect world. When I get lag it is usually for two reasons, the distance between the players is too much, or someone has a trash connection.
I think the real problem is wifi. Switch doesn't even come with a way to directly connect unless you go buy a lan adapter and how many people do you really think are doing that? PS4 comes with a way to directly connect and people still use wifi in competitive games.

DaDrunkenJester5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Yeah I get that, but shouldn't one of your flagship series get the full treatment of dedicated servers? Especially when it's a game that holds large tournaments?

Neonridr5d ago

I did that with my Wii U. Still have the LAN Adapter actually.

I agree that it's not ideal, but they even recommended people to go out and buy one.

execution175d ago

It's pretty annoying on MK8D when you hit someone with an item and they don't react to it way later or don't even wipe out, same goes when they fall of the map and they instantly boost back up to top speed like nothing happened

SuperSonic916d ago

It's okay. It's Nintendo, right?
Don't you ever fault them.
They are the richest game company in the woild. They don't need to invest on dedicated servers. Their fans don't need them in 2019.

Neonridr5d ago

when's the last time you faulted Sony for anything? Let me guess.. they have done nothing wrong right?

TheUndertaker855d ago

A lot of Sony and Microsoft exclusives use dedicated servers so why can’t Nintendo? Isn’t that why they started charging for network access on the Switch?

It’s just another sign Nintendo isn’t taking online seriously even after starting to charge for their network.

Neonridr5d ago

@TheUndertaker85 - believe me, there is tons I would change about Nintendo's online strategies. Voice chat, Virtual Console, Dedicated Servers, etc. Although not all their online games use peer-to-peer networks. So not sure why they settled on that for this one.

Sono4214d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Pot calling the kettle black, you are blaming the fact that it's peer to peer right above, when the issues are netcode and matchmaking. Peer to peer works perfectly fine in thousands of other games, so what makes this game such a special little snowflake? huh?. It's 100% Nintendo's fault when they knew the netcode for Smash 4 was bad, yet they reused it anyway. Also not having a LAN port built into the dock is just another sign that Nintendo thinks of online as an afterthought, just something to be tacked on with no effort put in to make it even acceptable. meanwhile you have the competition like Microsoft who has bad better online since 2001. I love your games nintendo, but catch tf up already, it's getting so old every generation hoping your online will finally be good, and it just never is.

Neonridr4d ago

@Sono421 - yep, fully agree. Nintendo is far from perfect. Their games are fabulous, but their business decisions can definitely leave you scratching your head. While I get they want to be different and everything, but sometimes it's good just to use the basics that every else uses when it comes to certain things.

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King_Noctis5d ago

Nintendo is not perfect. They even acknowledged the bad job they did on their online infrastructure.

TheColbertinator5d ago

Time for Nintendo to update their online to 2019

awdevoftw5d ago

Lol! " the player went for a pause afterwards". Like that was a move. Lol. "They aren't seeing those pauses down there." Yeah they are. And they are pissed.