Google has no plans to lower its 30% cut

CEO maintains figure is the industry standard, despite Epic Games' efforts to bypass it

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InTheZoneAC10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

30% cut for hosting? Lmfao

Can you imagine physical retailers having to pay 30% of their earnings for the lease? This is the ebay equivalent for games, they're charging way too much to list.

rainslacker9d ago

Physical retailers only make about 25-40% of the cost of a game, and are subject to having stock they can't sell.

Fluxour10d ago

Google doesn't even provide the same level of services for devs and customers as steam.... wow.

dumahim10d ago

It isn't surprising. It's the built in home for apps on the android phones. Sure there's other ways of getting apps on your phone, but the masses aren't going to bother.

Minute Man 72110d ago

Thought it was less. Ohh well

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