Anthem Test Says Game Runs Better on PS4 Pro Than Xbox One X

A graphics and frame rate test of Anthem's demo shows that BioWare's new loot-based game actually runs better on the PS4 Pro than the Xbox One X.

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Saijahn10d ago

Somebody tested a buggy demo to make an article....yikes it really has been a dry run for gaming i see.

zahdab10d ago

A demo is supposed to br a bite to taste the full meal ... if doesnt taste good the cook doesnt get to say oh but i am not done cooking yet ....

OneLove10d ago

Terrible analogy. In that case it would be a test dish. A mere taste of an incomplete dish.

MecheSlays10d ago

But the demo was based on a beta build. So it doesn’t tell shit.

Neonridr10d ago

This is a slanted comparison because they aren't running at the same settings.

TK-5510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

How do you eat a meal before its finished? Not a good analogy at all.

Babadook710d ago

Love my pro. Best frame rates you can get for multiplat games on average. (Not counting PC)

Chris1210d ago

@Babadook - you keep telling yourself that if it makes you happy. The rest of us will deal with the reality.

StormSnooper10d ago

Either way it won’t be very different no matter which one looks slightly better. So everyone calm down .

LordoftheCritics10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

In this case, the dish was a beta but they called it a demo.

Babadook710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@Chris. You are the one unable to deal with reality. The track record at DF is crystal clear at this point. I could probably name 50 examples where pro had the more stable frame rate. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Monster Hunter World, Ace Combat 7, Anthem demo, Apex Legends. And on and on and on. Amazing that for each title this happens the xbox fanboys will deny the trend. Lol.

rob-GP10d ago

To all those saying it was a beta - you clearly don’t know the difference between a beta and a demo! Maybe it isn’t your failt as so many developers bring out beta tests now so they get free QA. However, this was a demo - final code at that point but just a small chunk of the game.

Sure, changes may have been mad eBay now based on feedback, but that build was the latest code at the time, not beta.

zahdab10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

A demo is a demo ... it is representative of the final product and if it is not then it was a private beta .... either wanted to mislead ppl with this incentive pre order but couldn't bother to release a demo with the final code or are just using this being based on early code to mislead us... yes a cook wont ask you to taste a meal before it is done but thas what they dis by caling this crap a demo

Nintentional10d ago

Let’s use the same logic Sony fanboys use when there’s countless articles that are in favor of the Xbox One X version of a multiplat: Sony must’ve paid for Anthem to run better, or paid for the article to favor the PS4 pro lmao

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lxeasy10d ago

lmaol omg they are going off of a demo lmaol wow... thank you next

gravedigger10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Well, it's a demo. But not only Pro version runs better than XboneX, also base PS4 version has more consistent performance than XboneX. Of course, base Xbone is the worst :

Profchaos10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Digital foundry found significant flaws in the demo for both versions but they even noted it's not final code and they would hold off on casting W verdict until retail
Basically ps4 has an unlocked frame rate but greater frame pacing issues one X is frame rate locked at 30. But you can force the PS pro to run in 1080 getting up to 50 fps

gravedigger10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

X version is locked to 30 fps? LOL

It's not. You can't twist what is showed in BOTH videos.

Richard from DF said in video ( around 1:30 ) : PS4 Pro was running at the higher framerate than the X1X and this is something i wanted to reconfirm..."

At the beginning X version can't hold 30 fps for more than 1 sec. and has drops to 25 fps. How is that locked 30 fps?

Also X1X vs. XIS DF video :

X1X can't hold 30 fps. It's not locked. Also, not so close to 30 like PS4 ( Pro ) version

John Linneman : "I think when we first posted our findings on X1X there was a lot of surprise out there that the performance seems to be subpar..."

Stop lying! Thanks!

gravedigger10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Also Richard said here :

"I'm not particularly satisfied with the Xbox performance level here and there was lot of controversy about the fact that the X1X IS OUTPERFORMED by the PS4 Pro, but the bottom line is that the base PS4 IS FASTER than the X1X as well..."

zarbor10d ago

Dry is an understatement

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Rimeskeem10d ago

Great scientific method you used right there!

thrust10d ago

This is maybe a new low in gaming!

zarbor10d ago

Its a low but it sure as **** is not new

MasterCornholio10d ago

Not really. They are running the game at a Native 4K on the Xbox One X. If they wanted better performance they could always lower the resolution.

ILostMyMind10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

But the XBX has the "True 4K Power". It can not play a game in sub "True 4K".

SierraGuy10d ago

Yeah but 20fps difference?

That's alot.

TheSaint9d ago

But I thought that resolution was the most important thing in gaming? /s

Sm00thNinja10d ago

Yeah did they seriously write an entire article based on two different preview builds?? Xbox One X version will surely have performance options in the final build. Who let this guy finish writing this article

Parasyte10d ago

:Sees Game Rant: :moves on to next article: