5 Characters That Would Make For Great Monster Hunter World Crossover Events

Josh from Controller Crusade writes: "The Monster Hunter franchise is certainly no stranger to collaborating with other franchises to expand the content of their games. The latest example of this was last week’s crossover with The Witcher, adding Geralt of Rivia to the fold with a unique questline that melds the two franchises together. After playing through the Monster Hunter World x The Witcher event we couldn’t help but think what other characters from other franchises we would like to see make the jump over and hunt down some wyvern beasts."

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jgilbert118d ago

A Raiden event would be pretty cool

Bhuahahaha8d ago

predator and xenomorph to hunt

jgilbert118d ago

A predator hunt in the Ancient Forest would be pretty crazy

DVAcme8d ago

Stay in-house and give us the Arisen and monsters from Dragon's Dogma to fight. A griffin or a chimera would be boss.

jgilbert118d ago

That's a great choice as well!

bluefox7558d ago

The Geralt crossover is really cool. Felt like I was playing Witcher 3 again almost, lol.

jgilbert118d ago

The two games mesh extremely well. Im glad they didnt cheap out like they did with the Alloy event.

Lilrizky8d ago

same. wish they added a thunder jaw in there

Lilrizky8d ago

Yharnham Hunter with Cleric Beast hunt

DVAcme8d ago

That'd be boss too, except that it'd be PS4-exlusive. Although maybe they could do an XBox-exclusive one to compensate? What exclusives does MS have that could fit? (Not trolling, legitimate question)

jgilbert118d ago (Edited 8d ago )

That's a good question. I can't think of any off the top of my head that make sense. Maybe a character from Killer Instinct?