The Division 2 Endgame Is an 'Extension' of the Campaign: Ubisoft

Gadgets 360 says: 'According to Ubisoft Associate Creative Director Chadi El-Zibaoui‏, The Division 2 endgame is an "extension" to the campaign.

"First thing is, we have a huge endgame offering – it's not just PvP [player versus player]," he said in conversation with Gadgets 360. "[T]he endgame is going to open an extension to the campaign – there is a narrative twist, with the Black Tusks invading Washington DC, there are a lot of narrative reveals around that. This will cater to players who want more narrative content, and play more solo or PvE [player versus enemy]."'

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BenRC017d ago

The whole thing is just an extension of the division 1. Laziest sequel ever judging by the beta.

rhonny7d ago

The division end 2 game is one of my favourite. I love only this type of player vs players games a lot. Like now a days pubg is hot in the market. I am using emulator to play games on my ubuntu desktop. I am huge fan of Dividion End 2 and PUBG. Looking forward to this new updates.