The Last of Us Part II Will Be a Musical, Jokes the Game's Director

One of the most anticipated games of the year is The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog. Unfortunately, news about the upcoming sequel has been pretty quiet for awhile now so naturally delirium is bound to set in (kidding). While official news is still out of the question, game director Neil Druckmann and Geoff Keighley couldn't help but have a little fun at what's to come - and yes, that includes giraffes.

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PhoenixUp9d ago

Tetsuya Nomura wouldn’t think it’s a joke

NarutoFox9d ago

I doubt this game launches this year. If so it would probably be in Nov/Dec. But I think it will release in January 2020

seanpitt239d ago

It's releasing this year.. trust

Traecy8d ago

Possibly or possibly not.

9d ago
-Foxtrot9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I'm literally surprised we've never had a AAA musical video game before.

Something like War of the Worlds, Rocky Horror Picture Show or songs found in the Producers.

toxic-inferno8d ago

There was a game based on Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds... But I guess it doesn't really count as a musical.

Also, it's only loosely based on it...

Smokehouse8d ago

Theatrical for sure lol.. no joke. The last gameplay looked interesting though, I might like it this time around.

FalconofLucis988d ago

It's going to be an SJW sausage fest

Smokehouse8d ago

I laughed. The gameplay did look good though.

KickSpinFilter8d ago

Your gonna shit yourself when yo play this game it's gonna be brutal death like you never seen before in a game.

Inzo8d ago

Its going to be one of those games where you wont be able to trust reviews and because of its political agenda and "inclusion" sites like Polygon, Kotaku, IGN and Eurogamer are all going to give this game a 10 regardless of whether its good or not.

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