The Division 2 Delivers a Fresh Time in the Private Beta | Gamerheadquarters

The Division 2 private beta gives a good look at the open world of this sequel and the distinct new setting players will experience.

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LordoftheCritics10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Was falling asleep playing the beta.

1. Graphics are worse than the first.
2. The setting isnt as good as the first either.
3. No major differences from the first.
4. It made me want to play the first.

Don't know why there is a 2

Angry Joe covers it better

Jdoki10d ago

There was nothing fresh about it.

I had high hopes for this. I really liked Division 1 for a while. From the beta I can see nothing to call this anything more than a glorified expansion, or at most Division 1.5.

The key problem with The Division as an idea, is that it has to rely on bullet sponge mechanics which I always found jarring against the 'real world' setting, and all the weapons are limited to real world designs, so even the Elite stuff id just more of the same we've seen before.

As Angry Joe said. If you give this a Judge Dredd theme it would be amazing.