Crackdown 3's Wrecking Zone Will Not Have Party Options at Launch

It has been confirmed that Crackdown 3's Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode will not have support for parties at launch, which is grouping with others for multiplayer.

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Community5d ago
gamingunited6d ago

I guess 5 years wasn't enough time.

Obscure_Observer6d ago

Lol. You´re not a Xbox One owner anyway. We´ll be playing this fun game next week. ;)

6d ago
gamingunited6d ago

Don't worry I'm having fun, I got God Eater 3 to play last week and The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is on pre-order arriving next week, you won't be playing those on your xbox next week that's for sure.

Obscure_Observer6d ago


Oh, happens that i´m a multi console owner. I have both Xbox One X and PS4. Unlike you regarding Microsoft, i don´t hate Sony or its games.

I´ll enjoy the best of both worlds. Always! ;)

gamingunited6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

To be fair, I could play Crackdown 3 (and basically every other xbox game) on PC, I just don't want too.

Jin_Sakai6d ago

“Oh, happens that i´m a multi console owner. I have both Xbox One X and PS4.“

“I´ll enjoy the best of both worlds. Always!”

PS4 and Switch would be enjoying the best of both worlds.

Obscure_Observer5d ago

@gamingunited @Jin_Sakai

"To be fair, I could play Crackdown 3 (and basically every other xbox game) on PC, I just don't want too." "PS4 and Switch would be enjoying the best of both worlds."

Lol. And yet, here you are. Spending MOST of your "precious time" on Xbox articles as most PS fanboys do. Talking about something they want people to believe they are "not interested" in because they have so much to play, right? Forgive me while i call you all on your hypocrite BS!


Lol @ how fun game. Are you really honestly excited about this? I can sense your faking the excitement because you don’t have much to play. 🤔

gamer78045d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I am an Xbox owner and i love the console but don't be afraid to call a misstep. There is no reason for a multiplayer game not to have party options. The whole Point of wrecking zone is to play with friends. This game is going to get destroyed in reviews if it's unfinished like this after so long.

Relientk775d ago

How are you generally excited for this? The game looks awful and downgraded since the reveal in just about every way.

trooper_5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I guess if you like low quality games, you probably will have fun.
Just keep in mind that you’re enabling Microsoft to throw junk at you.

sprinterboy5d ago

Lol, doesn't matter wether they are xbox or not, the fact remains after 5yrs no support for party at launch. That's laughable wether it would have been a Sony, MS or Nintendo game.
Do you enjoy bending over and getting shafted up the arse all the time. I bet you take it like a right good one.

The Wood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

There's a growing number of Xbox fans who aren't faking excitement. I salute their honesty. I respect those who are questioning the quality of output from Microsoft and don't use game pass as an excuse for mediocrity. MS have the resources to do better. . Just look at Forza horizon. . That has been Microsofts best managed franchise by a long shot. Outside of that it's been a bit pants yet excuse after excuse is used by many Xbox fans. State of decay, sea of thieves now this. . . C'mon guys

bluefox7555d ago

Cmon man, you know it looks like crap.

notachance5d ago

c'mon, we all know if this is a PS4 game you'd be calling it utter trash because of this "no party" feature

Livingthedream5d ago

I've been looking to giving this a shot, and its incredibly stupid to not include party support. The game itself looks good, but the idea of blowing shit up in wrecking zone is enhanced by doing it with your friends, unless you don't have any.

Kribwalker5d ago

From gamespot
“The only evidence that I was playing a game running in the cloud was the impressive destructibility on display, the likes of which I've never before seen in a multiplayer setting.

Despite only having access to a single map and match type, the 90-minute multiplayer session flew by.”

The multiplayer was solid when i played the multiplayer test on the weekend. I can’t wait to play more at launch. No “Faking” excitement.

I do agree that not have having the ability to party up is a issue, and they need to address that, because MP games are about playing with friends, and it’s lame that you can’t at launch.

But the actual gameplay is Fast, Fun and Chaotic and i’m excited for more

IRetrouk5d ago

"Four years later, Crackdown 3’s multiplayer Wrecking Zone is a shadow of its former self"

“The nature of the mode means it takes place on more limited, enclosed maps with a stringent time limit, so the promise of being able to collapse a building and watch it topple into another to cause a domino effect simply can’t be achieved.”

"Wrecking Zone is a fun mode, however, and it feels like a perfect competitive multiplayer fit for the gleefully over-the-top, super-powered Crackdown universe. I liked it a great deal, as I did Crackdown 3 in general – though it’s a neutered delivery of the promises made far too early in this console generation when, for a moment, it looked like it could be something truly revolutionary."

JesusBuiltmyHotrod5d ago

Wow man you really got him there buddy..I'm sure he can barely live with himself not being able to play crackdown 3 over something like say GOW..

JesusBuiltmyHotrod5d ago

Also..maybe the xbox fanbase should have better standards like you do on Sony articles about the quality of their first party.

TheSaint5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I own an Xbox, and i feel the same way, 5 years was how long God of War took.

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RauLeCreuset5d ago

That would imply that support for parties has been delayed (as the title does). But the comments from the chat director indicate there aren't any current plans to implement it. "I don't have any info on if/when they might be implemented." The "at launch" part comes from the original question which specifically asked if it would be supported "at launch," with the chat director replying back that it would not be supported "at launch." The response about not knowing "if/when" it would be implemented came to another question that was not specifically referencing the launch period.

ziggurcat5d ago

To be fair, Sumo Digital aren't very good devs.

They did a really bad job with LBP Karting, and LBP3 - the online functionality of both of those games were disastrous (I'm fairly certain that connecting to people online in LBP3 is *still* broken).

darthv725d ago

The flip side to that is Sumo did excellent on games like outrun 2, outrun 2006, sonic all star racing and even forza horizon 2 (360). So you can't say they aren't good devs. Maybe they werent good for the games you mentioned but they were certainly good for others.

ziggurcat5d ago

I'm thinking more in terms of their competency with netcode. All of the games I've played of theirs that had any online functionality wasn't very good from that perspective. This game not having a basic function in any online game, especially on Xbox, kind of shows that they aren't good at that aspect of game development.

darthv725d ago (Edited 5d ago )

well outrun online arcade (ps3/360), sonic all star transformed (ps3/360) and forza horizon 2 (360) all had really great online functionality. So, again, it may just be those games you mentioned.

Also, there must have been something a miss for party option to not be ready right now. That doesnt mean it wont ever be present. No sense delaying the game for a party feature (that is an option, not a basic function).

AngelicIceDiamond5d ago

Going forward MS needs full developmental control over its Ip. No more outsourcing any of its Ip's going forward. This is unacceptable.

5d ago
IRetrouk5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Outsourcing isn't the problem, they use outsourcing on the Forza games for interiors etc and those games are good, they huffed and puffed about a tech that we now know was mostly smoke and mirrors, with a dash of fairy dust, ms should be called out and fairly so.

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Suave_Langosta5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

What do you do all day?

I see you lamenting Xbox 24 7, yet claim you play games all day?

If you spend time bashing something that you have no real connection to I suggest finding a hobby that won’t terrorize your fragile ego. PS is good, but so are the other consoles. Being a loyalist is just plain dumb these days.

It’s funny to see Sony fans constantly bash Xbox, yes Xbox shot themselves in the foot and sure PS has better games, but in the end I see the top dog chasing the small guys way more than I see the small guys chasing the top dog. I get the Xbox crowd doesn’t have much to stand on, and yeah they would look stupid to claim superiority, but as far as PS is in the lead, you loyalists sure have a fragile state of mind. We get PS wins, but being the best should humble people, not drive them to petty arguments over a “trash game they don’t want to play anyways” so in the end you either are fragile or salty? Which one is it?

gamingunited5d ago

Well... your right about one thing... "PS has better games"

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The Wood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


People's levels sure have changed in the last half a year. The false concern over puddles has really come back to bite some people on their asses in regards to downgrades.

I'm not sure why a game in development for so long isn't fully loaded from the start especially since it has so much riding on it. You'd hope it would have a day 1 patch at worst

AmUnRa5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

When xboxgamers except mediocre games cous they are fun to play and keep saying: "But but i can play it on gamepass", that will be a sign from Microsoft to make cheap mediocre games for gamepass cous Xboxgamers except them cous gamepass is cheap and the games are "fun to play".

I hope that will be not the future for Xboxfans

italiangamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

B-bbut it's all about the BOOM!!!

Oh and by the way crackdown 3 metacritic page shows that the reviews will come out on Thursday 14th.

IRetrouk5d ago

I noticed that this morning, surely they have not put an embargo on the game till the day before launch! The reviews are supposed to be today right?

italiangamer5d ago

The summary says February 14th, so no reviews today. They will come out on Thursday.

Relientk775d ago

They were supposed to come out today lol not a good sign

The Wood5d ago

I heard it they suggested 4 days prior to release. Maybe they will get released today. I'm in the UK but most of the publications are based in the states.

Legatus5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

You are right my good sir, it was reported that review embargo would lift on feb 11th.

"Crackdown 3 will be out on February 15 and Microsoft is confident in the quality of the game judging from the review embargo, which is set for February 11."

LOL it seems MS is not so confident about Crackdown 3 quality after all.

IRetrouk5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I've just seen a video of the destruction being done on purpose, it's been seriously downgraded, to the point that debris dissapears and the bullets don't make individual holes anymore either, the structures or bones of the buildings if you will no longer seem destroyable, some of the buildings are also indestructible, the buildings are empty some even without floors inside, there's no more of that domino effect either, people are actually defending this.

5d ago
IRetrouk5d ago

The real Xbox fans should be calling ms out on this, by far the biggest downgrade this gen, hyped up way beyond what's been delivered, now the reviews also seem to be embargoed untill the day before release, none of this looks good on ms tbh.

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Rimeskeem6d ago

I really thought the cloud would help with something like that....

Gamingsince19815d ago

I think they forgot to add the cloud part to the game.

The Wood5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I'm not too sure about that. . Something must be up there blocking the sunlight for shadows to disappear. *shrugs*

Banter aside it'll interesting to see how the game actually plays. All the demo players looked kinda noobish and they can make any game look trash. The downgrade on the visuals and physics is blatant. Only the most ardent Xbox fan wouldn't agree to that.

PlayableGamez-5d ago

They did, but it doesn't work well.

Darkborn5d ago

I think they forgot to add the game part to the game.

XiNatsuDragnel6d ago

Dang this game is looking worse everyday in my opinion

PlayableGamez-5d ago

Yeah some of the older builds looked better.