Titanfall 2 Online Playerbase Revived Thanks To Apex Legends

The huge success of Apex Legends has led to a renewed interest in Titanfall 2 for thousands of players.

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AspiringProGenji11d ago

While I hate cancelled TF3 for this I think this will be good in the long run by bringing people’s attention to the titanfall IP. I am still bitter about some of the changes in TItanfall 2 but I could easily play it on Pc it it keeps getting more players

mcstorm10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

For me I loved the 1st TF but I felt the 2nd one felt to slow and because if that never really liked it.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence10d ago

They said there is a "premium titanfall game" still on the way for release this year

Dabigsiebowski10d ago

@Only These people are idiots man and will find a way to complain anyways.

boing110d ago

Didn't they confirm proper TF game for end of this year??

LabRat10d ago

@Boing1 They said something about a premium TF game this year, but that could be anything from a mobile game to a card game at this point. They did say TF3 is not in development (this was posted 7 days ago)

boing110d ago

Oh, I missed it. Thanks!

XiNatsuDragnel10d ago

I'm still sadden by tf3 cancellation

Thunder_G0d_Bane10d ago

Nah TF3 shouldn't be on that old ass engine. I'm glad Apex Legends came instead. Titanfall 3 needs to be on the frostbite engine with battlefield-like visuals. So im glad they've delayed making it til next gen.

I expect Titanfall 3 to be a next gen game on the frostbite engine. The source engine has had its day.. Same reason i don't buy Cod games the quake 3 engine is dead to me.

yoshatabi10d ago

I'm not. I'm glad they chose to do something different.

frostypants10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

It wasn't cancelled. It just became Apex. It's not like they had some big Titanfall 3 codebase that they scrapped. They started working on it and decided very early on to make it an F2P BR game.

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peppeaccardo10d ago

Fantastic Game with an amazing multiplayer !

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The story is too old to be commented.