Is PS4 Spider-Man the greatest superhero game to date?

Beenox and Activision's final attempt with The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s film tie in was weak, and so Insomniac were handed the reigns. At E3 2016, their game was finally unveiled, and with that expectations shot through the roof. Insomniac games are an incredibly talented developer. Boasting a portfolio featuring (but not limited to) the original Spyro the Dragon Trilogy; Ratchet and Clank; Resistance; and the criminally underplayed Sunset Overdrive, it’s clear that this is a very talented studio. With colourful level design, mind-boggling gadgets and weapons, and lovable characters, Insomniac have created a world of experiences throughout many years of our lives. So could they live up to the hype, and create the ‘Arkham of Spider-Man games’, and even top it?

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isarai11d ago

Yes, there really wasn't one aspect that was a letdown other than that we just wanted more of it to play.

FalconofLucis9811d ago

I'd say Arkham City is the best, that even got 96 on metacritic whereas Spider-Man got 87.

ShadowWolf71211d ago

Arkham City was good for its time, but Spider-Man is so much more polished, it plays better, it has a far more believable and relatable protagonist imo, which comes down to writing details more so than the characters themselves in this case...

I gotta give it to Spidey by a good bit.

S2Killinit11d ago

I think Arkham kind of suprised everyone and that gave it an advantage in the review department.

NecrumOddBoy11d ago

Arkham City

All 3 are my top favorite super hero games. I only platinum'd Spidey though.

Tross11d ago

That’s because some reviewers were sour that they couldn’t play Spider-Man on Xbox and gave it low reviews. Both are great games, mind you, and you can’t go wrong with either.


I loved the Spiderman game but Arkham City has a special place in my heart.

Gaming4Life198110d ago

Yea batman arkham games are great too

bouzebbal10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Batman are way better for me.. Spiderman looks good, but has uninteresting missions, especially side missions and token related (catch a pigeon, jump and aim at screens with El shot, find bio pattern, hack circuits)... Still haven't finished the story..

jaymacx10d ago

@ShadowWolf712 Remember Arkham City was from last gen. At the time it was top of the line. Spider-man benefits from today's tech. What I compare them with is gameplay, story, use of characters etc. For me it's hard to say which is better because they both make you feel like the character.

sprinterboy10d ago

Both great games, we the gamer win

CorndogBurglar10d ago

@ ShadowWolf712

Having a believable and relatable protagonist actually comes down more to the characters than you might think.

Batman and Spidey are two of the most relatable heroes in all of comics:

Batman because he's just a normal guy with no powers that had a tragedy happen and decided to take the law into his own hands and do something about it. But the thing with Batman is that he is richer than God. Not just anyone can do what he does without having the amount of money he has.

Spider-Man is relatable because he has always represented the "everyman". He is always dealing with real world problems that anyone has had at some point that isn't born into money. He has financial problems, relationship problems, and job problems.

It mostly comes down to the fact that Batman IS Batman. Bruce Wayne is the mask. Spider-Man is Peter Parker though. And a lot of it comes down to money. Peter can't be like Batman and put all of his focus into crime fighting because he can't just let his normal life run on auto pilot like Batman does.

So as long as the writers of any story dealing with these characters is being at least partially faithful to the characters, Spidey will always be the more relatable character.

wwinterj10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I actually liked Asylum better than City and would say that's my favourite superhero game. Spider-Man is still however a excellent game. For a long time I wanted another dev to make another great superhero game series like Rocksteady did with Batman Arkham series(save for Origins) and now we have it. I can only hope we see more devs do this.

Bluemaster7710d ago

Bat man is superior in pretty much every measurable category.

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Silly Mammo11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They nailed the swinging with Spiderman. I just enjoyed it so much. I never took the subway after I got the Trophy for riding it.

SurgicalMenace10d ago

I'm currently playing it, and I'd have to say that Batman and Shadow of Mordor have more solid combat. I haven't played too deep into the story yet though.

Scatpants10d ago

If you haven't played too deep in to the story you probably haven't unlocked all of the combat.

trouble_bubble10d ago

Then maybe you should? Open that skill tree for starters. You’re comparing memories of games you’ve beaten into the ground with one you’ve barely started. Each suit for starters has new ability specials you can swap out with others.

Nu10d ago

Yes and I don't really like superheroe games

CorndogBurglar10d ago

I would have to say yes. But only because Arkham City is really the only other superhero game that is on the same level, and that was an older game.

If we're being honest, Spider-Man doesn't really do anything new or innovative. The webswinging is awesome, but that just comes down to the character. Batman had his unique way traversing the city in the Arkham games also. Spidey's way just happens to be more fun.

UnSelf10d ago

These websites are freaking insane. Spiderman was very very very good. I personally platinumed it. But best superhero game of ALL TIME?


This game had so many areas it couldve improved in which wouldve made it the besst of all time. No Web swing upgrades. No trick upgrades. No combat upgrades. Once you 100% the game its completely no other reason to ever put it back on. Are they for real? Its BARELY better than Spiderman 2.

If you want MASSIVE replay value in a superhero games, play the first Prototype or Infamous 2 or even Crackdown 1

Now bring on the disagrees like usual

Scatpants10d ago

But there were web swinging and combat upgrades.

UnSelf10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Really? Show me the robust combat upgrade screen a la God of War or even the old Spiderman game. What was presented was supplemental upgrades that nominally enhanced what he can already do.

Wow there was web swinging upgrades also? I have no memory of such and thats crazy. The web swinging in that game was super slow compared to Spiderman 2.

Here's a list of other issues:

You can fall from any height and not get hurt. (Really? Who is he the Hulk?)

You cant wall crawl on all surfaces

No reflections of yourself on reflective buildings

Lack of variety in animations. His dodge moves consist of the same 4 or so recycled animations

Momentum doesnt carry into his web swings from large drops

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masterfox11d ago

After playing it for lots and lots of hours, yes it is!, best Super Hero game to date, no question!!, can't effing wait what Insomniac is preparing for Spidey 2, the challenge is ON for them, they raised the bar so damn high!.

WilliamSheridan10d ago

If the game was so great, we wouldn't need so many articles telling us how great it is. Arkham didn't even get this many. Feels like it's being marketed to me as the best. Very annoying. I'll try it when it's 20$

THC CELL10d ago

William could say same about xbox as well and crackdown

The game is up in top 10 yes I agree that the batman games are top too
So dark and created some great combat

Spiderman was fun the gfx and combat was all amazing
One thing I do wish was I wish u could web anything
Like just cause 3 grapple

Potnoodle99910d ago

Your so wrong. What your describing is what is currently happening with crackdown 3.

Spidey is the opposite.

It looked incredible since first announced. Previews all said it was incredible. It released to universal acclaim and Astronomical sales and people love to remind us how great it is.....because it is great. I nearly platinumed it, would have been the first since god of war. The only reason I didn’t is because I hate gathering endless amounts of collectibles which is what is pretty much ALWAYS required to get a platinum.

Anyway the game is great, stop trying to take that away. If we have to put up with articles trying to spin the total atrocity that is crackdown 3 for months, we can deal with opinion pieces on an actually great game.

CorndogBurglar10d ago

That logic is so crazy its comical. It's getting this many articles because this many people enjoyed it. It isn't being "marketed to you as the best" because this isn't Sony or Insomniac writing these articles. These are just people that played the game and loved it.

So yeah, go ahead and skip a great game until it's cheaper simply because a lot of people love it. Logic that is totally non-sensical, by the way.

But I can already tell that you are the kind of person that will downplay it and pretend like its not a great game whenever you do decide to give it a try.

trooper_10d ago

You’re waiting for a discount bin for a critically acclaimed game?

Nah, I just think you’re just bitter and jealous.

trouble_bubble10d ago

The game’s already out. Sold 9 million in record time, got its GOTY nominations here and there. Free dlc suits. The marketing ended a long time ago. This is something called satisfied customers. Rare in some camps I know.

Remember all the downgrade, puddles, no raimi suit propaganda? Paybacks a b!tch.

WilliamSheridan10d ago

Crackdown I think will be a mediocre game. I was looking forward to The crazy open world destruction, but it's been toned down and the lock on bullshit ruins it for me.

Anyway, Spiderman is a single player game. So yes I'm waiting for the discount bin. I still haven't beaten GoW or U4.

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ArchangelMike11d ago

The Arkham Series was pretty great, but if I was pressed against the wall to choose, I'd probably choose Spiderman.

The Wood11d ago

I wouldn't want to choose as they're so different but definitely the best 2.

CorndogBurglar10d ago

They aren't really different at all. Aside from character differences like traversing the city, both games are nearly identical. Spider-Man is simply more polished due to it being newer.

gangsta_red11d ago ShowReplies(11)
monkey60211d ago

Arkham asylum was my favourite of the series

rpvenom11d ago

Arkham Knight was my favorite.. and even made it to my game of the year list that year for me.

neutralgamer199211d ago

Arkham asylum love it very focused game other games in the series personally speaking didn't appeal to me

Seraphim10d ago

I thought Asylum and Knight were the best of the Arkham series for totally different reasons. City and Origins just weren't that great. And I think it was City that, imo, was the stain on the series.

Props to both though. Both deserve to be a top the list equally for what they are. To some degree this question can be answered simply by who you like more. All I know is I don't want to imagine a world w/o both games.

generic-user-name10d ago

Agreed, I like City too, but Asylum was amazing and felt more focused. I feel like City's open world didn't really add too much to the formula.

monkey60210d ago

The more linear structure was a big reason I preferred Asylum myself. I thought City just felt vacant and detracted from the atmosphere and character of the game

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warriorcase11d ago

I agree. I liked spider man but the Arkham series captured me alot more.

tryson768811d ago

Origins is definitely underrated. It's technical issues ruined it's reputation. I've fallen through the ground twice while playing but other than that Origins is definitely way better than people say it is.