Devil May Cry Producer Confirms Major Change to Series Timeline

With the next major installment Devil May Cry V arriving next month, Producer Matt Walker has confirmed a major change to the series chronological order.

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FallenAngel198411d ago

“Devil May 3 > Devil May Cry 1 > Devil May Cry 2 > Devil May Cry 4 > Devil May Cry 5”

What made them want to retcon that DMC2 takes place before DMC4? Especially when you consider that Dante looks older in DMC2 than he does in DMC4?

Mosh-10d ago

Bayonetta > God of War > Devil May Cry 1 > All the other jokes with low ratings and no awards.

pietro121210d ago

Automatic fail considering you didn't mention Ninja Gaiden Black.
Bayonetta 2 > Devil May Cry 3 > Ninja Gaiden Black > GoW 2 (no western action game will ever top a Japanese one in terms of gameplay)

wwinterj10d ago

It is strange that they went this way. I assume it's because Nero wasn't even talked about in DMC 2 but neither was Virgil so eh. DMC2 before 5 would be more logical as in 5 the gates of hell have opened thus Dante could return,

AK9110d ago

Um replay both DMC4 & DMC2 Dante actually looks quite young in DMC2, in 4 he looks 10 years older.

Adexus11d ago

I always assumed 4 came after 2 anyway, not that it matters as I always try and forget that 2 exists in the first place.

Vandamme2110d ago

I don’t know why...personally I enjoyed Devil May cry 2. I do understand why a lot of people didn’t like it though.

wwinterj10d ago

Lucia was great. I wish they would bring her back.

10d ago
AK9110d ago

That makes sense to me it's always been my personal head canon that 4 takes place after 2, especially since Dante looks older in 4 than he does in 2 it wouldn't make sense for him to age backwards.