Delete Your Demos, Anthem Is Big

Howdy Freelancers! Michael Gamble has drip fed us another bit of news over on his Twitter account, as he so often does. This news relates to the demo files you might still have sitting around on your PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4.

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Smokehouse9d ago

That guy that plays lol

Jin_Sakai9d ago

I deleted it after playing Apex Legends.

UnHoly_One9d ago

You deleted a demo that was over and could never be played ever again, because you played a game of an entirely different genre that is not related in any way?

Cool Story.

annoyedgamer9d ago

Will you delete Apex Legends for (insert next EA title here) too?

annoyedgamer9d ago

The EA shill sites are getting less and less discreet...

Jimboms9d ago

Excuse me! I built this off my own back because I'm excited about the game. EA have given me absolutely no money and I wouldn't take any from them either! This is a site formed of my own opinions and I will never ever sell out. I will callout the crap when it's there but right now I'm being part of what is a massively positive community. Don't be so harsh on people just because they enjoy something. Go and find something you enjoy and leave me alone.

UnHoly_One9d ago

Don't waste your time. The vast majority of people on this site hate everything that isn't Sony.

Wolffenblitz9d ago

Don't worry about it Jim, annoyed gamer is just one of these "hate everything EA" sheep trolling forums and comment sections.

Mirdus9d ago

@Wolffenblitz, EA hasn't really shown any reason to love and respect them for years. Go ahead play their games don't care if you do but don't go demean people you do not yourself agree with. EA has given people more than enough reasons to not be supportive of them or respect them.

Don't care if people make blogs about their games, if they enjoy them, more power to them..the same freedom goes to people that don't want to have anything to do with EA. Free Speech goes both ways

jukins9d ago

Dont worry about him as said hes just another it's cool to hate ea guy. Anthem will be fun the open beta had me wanting to play more. Um very impressed with the sound very meaty. And to me the flying is just fun and will make traversing more interesting cant eait hope it stays fresh

-Foxtrot9d ago


Oh get out of here with that shit

Maybe it's because it's EA and the fact Bioware have been on a downward slope for years, with this looking like nothing special. Maybe that's the reason.

UltraNova8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


Has any self-respecting gamer a reason to like EA these days? Cant you see why they are hated so much? Criticising Anthem is seemingly unfair, but Bioware is not the dev we knew and loved these days now are they? Gamers need time to adapt. Bioware made the mistake of avoiding to tell the truth about Anthem until the last minute-its everything but an SP game- what we've come to associate them with. They just hopped on the GaaS bandwagon at a period when EA was making one anticonsumer move after the other. They fucked up BFV with their tiered release bullshit(and other stuff), learned nothing and here we are Anthem is next... They simply dont care about us and ii shows over and over again. They are hated for a reason. Anthem and Bioware are collateral damage. Who knows what neferious shit EA are planning with Anthem in the near future. We know this, we feel it. This has nothing to do with you or your pro-Anthem opinion piece nor N4G users. It has to do with EA and their proven malignant behavior towards their customers and the latter's uproar against it, plain and simple.


@Unholy... levels of totally unrelated, desperate jabs against Sony...

Dragonscale8d ago

@unholy, you're the one who mentioned Sony tbh when its nothing to do with this. EA is the reason plus the game looks meh lol.

L7CHAPEL8d ago

... trying to keep an open mind on this site is difficult indeed...

BoneMagnus8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

While I agree people should be cordial in their dissention, if you want to be left alone, don’t put your opinions out there...just sayin’.

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Artemidorus9d ago

You need to learn the history of EA, only success is bleeding the customer wallet with popular licences they cling on to.

MrVux0009d ago (Edited 9d ago )

The question is will it also be a BIG flop?

feedurhabit8d ago

I reckon so. I've never seen so much disinterest for a AAA title. There doesn't even seem to be anyone moaning about it, just nobody seems to was to discuss it.

toxic-inferno8d ago

I don't know whether it's disinterest, or just anxiety.

Which is good actually - low hype levels is a good thing.

Peruzzi9d ago

… but play apex and buy skins and loot box lol ... people are stupid … dont want to support anthem but gives EA money through Apex and praise the game because it's "free" ... hahahahahahahaah

Jin_Sakai9d ago

“but play apex and buy skins and loot box lol ... people are stupid … dont want to support anthem but gives EA money through Apex and praise the game because it's "free"

I’d rather buy skins in a free game than a $60 paid game. I don’t like EA but I like Respawn and Apex Legends. So I choose to support them.

haydenlake9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


TBH, you’re not actually supporting Respawn by buying Apex Legends content. That goes directly to EA’s coffers; Respawn employees are on the payroll and don’t get paid per loot box purchase...

annoyedgamer9d ago


EA is banking on you thinking Respawn is independent.

Peruzzi8d ago

Play apex and support respawn ... Wowww ... The guy dont understand lol ... Buy anthem to support Bioware and dont buy any of the microtransaction, Yeah EA Will make money, so what, the game is good by the two demis i played ... Everybody is offended by everything nowadays

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DarXyde9d ago

I'm sure that most of the issues don't come from your regular programmer. This is an issue at the administrative level: you know, your Peter Moores and Andrew Wilsons.

I wouldn't let EA die. Let them bleed just enough that the executive board gets cleaned out and they get better, more consumer-invested C-level execs.

Same can be said for Activision. I'm seriously doubting those guys enjoy making Call of Duty every year.

L7CHAPEL8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

You see this is it, talk about having an open mind and being rational.
the best-case scenario isn't For EA/ Activision/ bungie/respawn or anybody else to crumble and go away, that achieves and accomplishes nothing,
it's for them to make the best possible games they can make, and for these huge companies to change their practices, to learn what a bad idea is, and what won't work.

Them going to go back to trying to Foster support with community, instead of just having an under handed approach to monetizing...

change comes about when you insist on it, but if you're going to be a brick wall to something, don't expect them to give a shit...
Case by case basis still works best:

here's one title that you did poorly with, and has a transaction model I can't support, screw it I'm not going anywhere near it ..

another title, ok, you're not taking advantage of us with microtransactions /loot boxes, has a good steady stream of content, and you're paying an honest fair price, either up front or down the line for it, as DLC... I'll buy...

the "I support the positive" monetary Lesson, does work.
You can't tell me their whole approach, and the way they've been open about what is in, and how everything will work in Anthem, wasn't fostered by the negative backlash for Star Wars battlefront 2/ Mass Effect Andromeda.

seanpitt239d ago

Just play apex and don't buy anything

deno9d ago

If EA goes down we can finally get NFL 2k back.

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