Apex Legends Gameplay Video: Best Battle Royale on the Planet?

COGconnected: Apex Legends' release disrupts the delicate balance of FPS games on or soon-to-be-on the market, but how does it live up to the hype? Check out our gameplay video to find out.

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Jin_Sakai11d ago

That it is. Coming from Fortnite this is a godsend. I’ve been wanting a Battle Royale game like this without all that building nonsense.

isarai11d ago

Still waiting for a good slower paced one, would love to play PUBG but it runs like and looks pretty bad on PS4, and i'm not good enough with M/KB to play it on PC (yes you can do controller but i'd be at a major disadvantage if i did so)

Killa7810d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Just need to balance out the armour and magazine sizes 😝

TheSinsibleOne10d ago

Wish BR would just die already lol. It's not even fun. You die once and gotta wait forever to go again. How's that fun?

Nu10d ago

I want Gears of War 5 to have a battle royal included with all the other game modes that Gears comes with

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