EA Sports Remove Emiliano Sala From Nantes Squad On FIFA 19

EA Sports have announced that Emiliano Sala will no longer be in Nantes' squad on FIFA 19 in honour of the late Argentine striker.

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XbladeTeddy10d ago

Still can't believe that the clubs are arguing over the transfer fee money, the man isn't even buried yet!

MajorLazer10d ago

Cardiff even said they will honour it, they're just waiting for confirmation of every detail, what exactly happened etc.

XbladeTeddy10d ago

For the sake of football and to show some human decency I feel both clubs should agree to forget about any fee. Just feels wrong now to involve money.

joshljr10d ago

Feels like a better honour to leave him in the game. They're just removing a player that isn't playing anymore, that's not honouring his legacy at all.