Here's the Complete The Division 2 Map With Districts and Dark Zone Areas

If you're curious what the complete The Division 2 map looks like, wonder no more! Here it is complete with districts and Dark Zone areas!

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DrumBeat11d ago

It's surrounded by the DLC Disrict.

Vegamyster11d ago

They added new districts to the first game for free.

excaliburps11d ago

They haven't announc anything for it yet right?

Dragonborn1234511d ago

The DLC is free they said that

Silkside11d ago

Dlcs are free so yeah... Inform yourself fool

Profchaos11d ago

What separates gold and standard edition this time?

Dark_Knightmare211d ago

If that’s true that would be awesome but than what’s the gold edition that cost 110 and comes with the year one pass?

Silkside10d ago

Gold edition and ultimate editions give early access to dlcs 7 days. Plus extra cosmetics etc.

D3TH_D33LR10d ago

Good thing it’s free then.

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Elda11d ago

Played the beta this entire weekend & I enjoyed it immensely! It's more like the first but now with enhancements far as graphics,resolution,gameplay & a much longer campaign. A definite day one buy!

Adexus11d ago

Completely agree, really loving it, I do kinda miss snowy NY but sunny Washington DC is just as good, it's just got a completely different tone but it's really cool to explore, wonder where they could go next.

Silkside11d ago

It does feel polished, this is what Div 1 should have been.

Added that the dlcs are free and not split the community I can see good value in this game.

Fingers crossed they don't say something stupid on social media which is pretty common these days lol.

Profchaos11d ago

New York made the first game so iconic I've never seen a better representation of it in any game they managed to top GTA IV and it's LC for a take on NYC

TheColbertinator11d ago


Keep in mind that GTAIV did have to represent more of NY than The Division. If I remember right The Division mainly recreates Manhattan.

BlacKJesu510d ago

Lol it's the exact same fuckin tone...damn near photo had grass now

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pandehz11d ago

Don’t like the new setting and aesthetics at all.
Enjoyed Anthem far more than this beta.

414gamer11d ago

Loved the beta, but I feel like the map doesn’t seem as big. Also I think the 3 dark zones makes it all kind of clustered. 2 extractions in a dz isn’t a lot. Going to force a lot more rogue activity. We will see how it plays out in the full release tho

REDGUM10d ago

I've read somewhere that it's 20% bigger than Division 1's map.

QuePasa8710d ago

I had a great first impression and things seemed much more fluid compared to the first game when I tried the beta