Badass Interceptor Revealed in Anthem End Game Video

COGconnected: Interceptor in hand, we had an opportunity to check out Bioware's Anthem and it's end game content in this gameplay footage.

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loxim7d ago

Man, enemies in the demo took about 10x longer to kill then in this video. The weapon damage was really bad.

Obscure_Observer7d ago

They´re using epic weapons on this gameplay footage. And honestly? As far as i can tell, not a higher difficults.

OT: Colossus pilot here, but i really really like the Interceptor. Can´t wait to play with her again. :)

Pantz7d ago

This is a showcase of how little personality the enemies have.

I'm still getting this game but it's got problems man.

Kabaneri7d ago

My favorite was the Storm javelin it was so much fun blasting the enemies from up high.