Apex Legends getting Solo and Duo modes

So according to ApexUpdate who have scraped through the Apex Legends code have identified code which indicates the introduction of Solo and Duo modes within the game. With ranked play set to be announced soon, it makes sense to have this update as the push for tournaments and esports competitions will most likely need to have the Solo option in any case.

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Erolyn10d ago

Good! Hate playing with other people.

Oathbreaker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I've been wanting this. I want to rely on myself alone lol although I don't mind working as part of a team as well. There will only be chaos.

Kaze2410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

More like, there will be blood and chaos. lol

opc10d ago

Just break away from your team before you launch and forget about them.

Oathbreaker9d ago

@OPC - not sure if that's a smart idea. You could run into a team of 3.


Awesome. Squads is only fun if you have friends online to coordinate with. The ping system doesn't work if your random team ignores it lol

Darkwatchman10d ago

In my experience across both PS4 and Xbox One, randoms generally do listen to my pings and they even help me out, pinging stuff they know i’d need and dropping ammo when I request it through the pinging system.

There will always be people that don’t play for the team in any game, but my experience with Apex has been the most positive I’ve had with randoms. I actually enjoy playing it without friends for several hours in one sitting because people actually are more helpful and considerate than many other multiplayer games I’ve played.

monkey60210d ago

I've found the community great for the most part. One or two bad seeds but I've actually gotten a few wins with 2 random players too.

The ping system is excellent


Maybe I've just had some bad luck. I did manage to land some good teams yesterday and it was pretty great. Still excited for more modes though.

Blastoise10d ago

I'll stick to 3v3. You can tell the characters abilities we're balanced with a squad of three in mind, more fun this way

Sgt_Slaughter10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

There's nothing that says they can't balance it separately for Solo and Duo though.

Relientk7710d ago

Good I've been wanting to play duos. No offense to randoms lol

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The story is too old to be commented.