Devil May Cry V Demo Impressions: Gitting Gud Has Never Felt This Gud

Pratyush writes- "I admit it took me the second try to beat the recent DMCV demo – I wasn’t able to defeat the Goliath in the first try neither did I manage to get an SSS style rank, despite playing through the demo a dozen times…. I wonder if the gaming community will accept me.

In all seriousness though, having recently gotten into Capcom’s Devil May Cry games (primarily 1, 3 and 4), I’ve been enjoying them in my own noobish way of spamming some of the easier and familiar attack patterns and trying my hardest to “git gud” at the game. Consequently, the DMCV demo has been on my radar since its announcement for the Xbox One and PS4. A dozen playthroughs of the demo later, here I am, writing about the game, all the while itching to get back into it as soon as possible to get that Smokin’ Sexy Style rank."

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