Resident Evil 2 Outfits and Costumes Ranked by Hotness

Resident Evil 2 outfits ranked by hotness. This list includes the costume variants for Claire and Leon alongside the looks of side-characters.

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HeisenbergX9d ago

LOL Number 13 is Ada Wong red freaking dress and number one Ada Wong trench coat.. what ?

Hellbound19789d ago

I find it interesting that Leon's Noir outfit is accurate to 1940's attire, yet Claire's Noir outfit is just some game designer's idea of ''cute'' or ''hip''. I guess a female in a dress is too traditional and would make people's head explode nowadays. For the record I'm quite aware of the absurdity of arguing historically accurate attire in a game about a zombie outbreak, just an observation.

Enturax9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Ughh, can you people stop with that: "This game has, like, 1 to few fantasy/sci-fi elements and thus it's completely okay to assume that NOTHING has to be realistic about it." -attitude?

DaveZero9d ago

What kind of daftness was that..

PhoenixUp9d ago

I chuckled when Birkin showed up on this list

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