The 3DS Is Even Dying Better Than The Vita

People have been calling PlayStation Vita a dead console for years. Now, Nintendo’s 3DS seems poised to join it, with hardly any new games on the horizon for the rest of 2019. Yet even in death, Nintendo’s clam-shelled handheld still feels more alive and vibrant than Vita.

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awdevoftw10d ago

Please. The vita is still releasing games well into 2019, and probably a couple in 2020. The 3ds died as soon as the switch came out, and was on lifeline for a while now.

meganick10d ago

You must live in some alternate reality where what you’re saying is even remotely true.

Knushwood Butt10d ago

In Japan at least, Vita has several games releasing in the next few months, one of them being Catherine.

As of now, the 3DS doesn't have a single game with a confirmed release date.

That's reality.

fishaz78010d ago

PS Vita has online features, themes and a host of media capabilities. What does 3DS have? Even the Switch?

Nintendo fanboys are the worst! FACT!

Kiwi6610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The vita was on life support years ago when Sony left it up to 3rd parties to support it which became less and less of them

Harkins172110d ago

Sony helped alot of 3rd party games on the vita

SuperSonic9110d ago

Articles like these proves the Nintendo bias rampant in games media that severely corrupts the system.
Why must they use Nintendo as the measuring stick?

Must I remind you guys that Nintendo is not the standard the Nintoddlers claim them to be?

Shigeru Miyamoto's games ripped off other games like Devil World is a shameless Pac Man clone and Super Mario Bros is a Pac-Land clone.

TK-5510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"The vita is still releasing games well into 2019, and probably a couple in 2020."

A couple? Fuck dude it's on fire isn't it XD

The Vita has been unofficially dead for a long time. Officially it's been on life support for the majority of it's lifespan because it never picked up momentum and Sony saw it as a better investment to move their teams to the PS4. Since then it's only been receiving re-releases and the occasional JRPG and indie game.

Atleast people admitted the Wii U died and it had real 1st party support from the platform holder unlike the Vita. The Vitas one advantage was being the most powerful handheld and now that it no longer holds that title it doesn't really have a place in the Industry anymore. The Switch has pretty much eaten up what little market share the Vita had.

There is a lot of denial over the Vita and many that swear by the system typically call the Wii U a dead system when there's more of a reason to own one than the Vita. The hypocrisy is astounding.

awdevoftw10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The vita released more games in the last couple of years than the 3ds. Pretty good for a "dead" system.

TK-5510d ago (Edited 10d ago )


"The vita released more games in the last couple of years than the 3ds."

And what were those exactly? Tell me about these hidden gems that no one talks or cares about. Here's the best defence I could find for the Vita in 2018: https://www.handheldplayers...

If thats all you need for a system to be alive then damn the Wii U was holding strong in 2017 with just BotW and Darksiders. Seriously this hyprocrisy needs to stop. The system is dead and you can't fool anyone with this "but dem gamez are still commin" defence because we all know you're not playing them on the Vita.

Fritzwochel10d ago

I am stoked for Persona Q2 coming in june

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AHall8810d ago

It's kind of crazy how much less the 3DS and Vita sold compared to the DS and PSP. 3DS sold less than half as many units as the DS, while the Vita didn't even hit 1/4 as many PSP units. Smartphones/tablets really chipped away at the handheld market.(Of course, Sony didn't really do the Vita any favors with overpriced memory and seemingly refusing to support the poor thing.)

Fist4achin10d ago

True that! Oh well, I still rock both my 3ds and vita and have a decent backlog for both!

TK-5510d ago

Yeah the market was a very different one back then. Its not so much to do with the 3DS or Vita being worse systems (because they're both big improvements over their predecessors) but that they existed in a market that favoured them less.

chris23510d ago

fanboys have such a funny way to repaint their world pink.

Xaevi10d ago

well since the VITA has been "dying" for years now I guess thats good news for the 3DS. dont ya think its time you "journalists" think of something more original and fresh than "the VITA is dead"?

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