What Is The Hardest Game Level You’ve Played?

Dark Souls, Battletoads, Ninja Gaiden, and Cuphead wear their difficulty as a badge of pride. They crush souls and spirits alike, and results in a lot of fatigued fingers. Playing them feels like Groundhog Days of death; Live, Die, Repeat, and Repeat!

Of course, there’s hard levels like the final stage of the Lost World in Donkey Kong Country 2, the technodrome in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES, as well as the dams in Phantasy Star II.

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CaptainOmega8d ago

Ludwig on Bloodborne. Maybe Master difficulty from the last level of Resogun.

naruga8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

from recent games ---> Maria from Bloodborne Old hunters for me ....i dont how the fk i stuck to that damn boss even if i was a very good level ...but i was playing 3 days and 4 nights cursing gods and demons ..... (i know some may got passed through her with few tries but i got badly stuck) ....even Newborn final boss took me far less tries

Repjaws8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Oh my god. Same dude. That fucker broke me down to my very core till I became a well oiled machine.

Ragthorn7d ago

Orphan was also my toughest fight in Bloodborne. I keep hearing people had the hardest time with Ludwig and I kinda feel happy I beat him on the first try! But also unhappy because I couldn't hear that BADASS theme more. Ludwig theme up there with the Final Boss!

one2thr7d ago

Rom the Vacuous Spider, and Dark Beast Paarl.

For whatever reason, I was always unprepared for both boss battles.

ArchangelMike7d ago

The Last Valkyrieis God of War.

LoveSpuds7d ago

Holy crap, some of those Valkyries were insanely tough!!

Forn7d ago

Ludwig took me almost 4 straight hours to beat. And the only reason I passed him (my first playthrough) was because when he goes through his transformation half way through the fight, the game glitched and he just died after the cutscene lol.

ziggurcat7d ago

the Defiled dungeon Watchdog of the Old Lords.

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stefan_7718d ago

Getting the seal piece from the water slums in Jak 2

Sciurus_vulgaris8d ago

I found Jak 2 to be unnecessarily hard. Personally, I wasn’t too fond of the game.

stefan_7717d ago


I hated it. Overly difficult to the point of frustration, awful combat and unresponsive controls. Id rate as one of the worst ive ever played

Frinker7d ago

That level is easy if you use the jetboard and perform tricks to dodge the ship lasers

nucky647d ago

you had to remind me of that, didn't you stefan!! what a pain in the @ss that was.

Sciurus_vulgaris7d ago

I wouldn't consider Jak 2 one of the worst games I ever played since I did finish it, mainly due to me liking the game's story. However, I don't consider Jak 2 to be a particularly good game.

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qalpha8d ago

There was a "flying through the hoops" level on Donkey Kong 64 that had me about to put my controller through the TV.

CaitSith7d ago

For me, it was the mini-games. Rare's one of my favourite developers, but I HATE their mini games.

Sciurus_vulgaris8d ago

The lava surfing Level in both versions of Conker.
Nameless King (DS3)
Ancient Dragon (DS2)
Ebrietas (Bloodborne)
Jak 2 (most of the game)

--bienio--8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Normal😂😂 just kidding 😂

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