Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay by the End of the Year Gemaga has conducted an interview with compilation developer Tetsuya Nomura. In the interview, he explains some of the information we've seen over the last few weeks and clears up some misconceptions. Here are some of the translated details thanks to Autumn Thread from Neogaf.

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FBl3306d ago

White Knight Chronicles ships in December 2008 in Japan

pp3306d ago

I'm afraid White Knight Chronicles want sell that much due to Japans dislike of ps3.

Lucreto3306d ago

Poor pp

He doesn't realise there are no 360 games in the top 30 in Japan.

Raoh3306d ago

any word on how the US localization of white knight is coming along? i've yet to see a target date for the U.S.

bunbun7773306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

My honest guess is it wont be within 2 weeks of Killzone 2- so 3 weeks out up or down is my guess, lets hope down. Which would be I think either the first or last week of Feb, depending on KZ2.

Final Best Guess:

WKC-1st or 2nd week of FEB
KZ2-3rd or 4th week of FEB

---OOPS--- this is a FF post my bad! Yay FF13-- (but i'm chronologically way more stoked for WKC)

FBl3306d ago

It's ability to be another Playstation 3 exclusive AAA JRPG is that much higher

Lucreto3306d ago

I look forward to seeing that is looks like.

bunbun7773306d ago

this makes me, intrigued am I.

Pain3306d ago

FF XIII has Gameplay?... aaooookkie~dokies~

bunbun7773306d ago

Jealous you sound! Horny this makes me. Get down do you?

Fallen_Angel3306d ago

wait didnt they release a demo with the blu ray FF ?

ash_divine3306d ago

the demo comes out next year in March with FF7: Advent Children.

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The story is too old to be commented.