Kingdom Hearts 3: The Most Pointless Review I’ll Ever Write. -Gideonsgaming

Joseph Writes - I kinda feel that writing this review is a little pointless. Kingdom Hearts is a series known for its convoluted story that's been spanning 17 years over multiple platforms and handhelds. I played the first one when I was around 14 years old. I'm 30 now. At this point, you're either invested in the franchise. Or you aren't. Either way, a review is unlikely to sway your purchase decision.

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Fluttershy778d ago

It was disappointing, but I've never play a KH game before. It was weird and mostly boring... I didn't understand most of the scenes and what the characters were saying (Which is usually important in Role Playing Games, at least for me it is)... From what I hear the fans are happy with this, so... Hope you'll get more of the same, but is not for me.

CaptainOmega8d ago

Alot of ‘fans’ feel the game is decent, but not what they were expecting in terms of quality.

franwex7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

The other games were like that too. This is what kingdom hearts has always been.

So in a sense the review is correct. It is pointless because most people already made up their mind about kh3.

CaptainOmega7d ago

I don’t feel the ‘the other games did it, so that makes it ok’ argument is very strong... If this standard was placed on any other game it would mark it down on the point scale for reviews.

TheGamez1007d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I dont get the disagrees. Been a longtime fan of the series since kh1s initial release. The game is...Ok. A huge step down and disappointing considering the very long wait. Loved 1&2. Only handheld games i liked were chain on gba and bbs on psp. Combat is just easy and flashy trash. Alot of elements we know and love arent there and if they are there, they pale in comparison. Game was literally 90% disney, 10% kingdom hearts, 0.01% final fantasy (only moogle appears). All the game has is graphics, only that and non-long time fans would love the game.

Lilrizky7d ago

im a long term fan too and i honestly think in many ways it's the best.

Dark_Knightmare27d ago

That’s your opinion it’s fine but I see fans mostly saying and agreeing that it’s easily the best vanilla kingdom hearts with only kingdom hearts 2 final mix being better which I agree with. Once we get the final mix expansion for three it will easily take the crown for best kingdom hearts game.