Crackdown 3: Gameplay & Everything You Need To Know

COGconnected: Check out the details on Crackdown 3 through our video interview with Creative Director Joseph Staten, which explores the non-linear experience of the upcoming game.

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ArchangelMike8d ago

Looks like a good fun time - if you can accept Crackdown 3 for what it is, and forget about what they promised it would be. I think the Cloud has alot of potential, but I can't help but think it would have served this game better if it was designed for single player first - without being encumbered by the huge multiplayer load. If they could have unshakled it from the multiplayer experience, I wonder if they could have come closer to their original vision for the game. The multiplayer looks fun and frenetic, but I wonder if the single player part of the game suffered because of the emphasis on multiplayer cloud gaming. I guess I just hope that if cloud computing is the future, that it also gives us much higher fidelity single player experiences.

gamingunited8d ago

" if you can accept Crackdown 3 for what it is, and forget about what they promised"

So just forget about years of, fake demos, hype and lying, even after people from day one said what they were promising wouldn't work?

Xb1ps48d ago

As you get older in life you’ll understand the saying of “that’s life”

When you start to realize what’s important in life you will realize that holding a grudge over a video game promise isn’t all that serious..

If it bothers you too much then just move a long, no need to act bitter and make it personal just because some people understand life and can also understand what to let go and what to stand firm on.

darthv728d ago

Im in it for the fun. Its my #1 reason Ive been gaming for over 40 years.

8d ago
shaggy23037d ago


You forget about a particular game that shown off for the PS3, everybody said it simply looked too good for a PS3 game, only for it to be pulled on the PS4.

Should we forget about that?

gamingunited7d ago


There is a good chance I am older than you, and regardless of my age I don't like being lied too.


You just accept this because of your loyalty to a company.


I guess I do forget... what game are we talking about?

And your probably making a great example for my case. Watchdogs 2 which just had a few graphical settings turned down was absolutely put through the ringer for WAY less than Crackdown's downgrade. Not to mention how every single PS4 game this generation has been accused of downgrades from lies about Uncharted, Detroit and God of War, to people using blurry youtube video to say Horizon: Zero Dawn was downgraded to Spider-Man which had a puddle made smaller simply to balance gameplay.

Versus Microsoft which has been over hyping and lying about SDK's, overclocks, DX 12, if Kinect and always online could be removed and many other things. On top of Crackdown which was going to be the "gamechanger it'll be like 100 xbox's". While showing obviously fake closed network demos for years well beyond the point where there should have been any doubt that "power of the cloud" was at best overblown and worst a lie. Let's not forget that nearly everyone has said what they were promising was unrealistic, and that's not just "fanboys" it was industry people from both gaming and tech who said it wouldn't work.

But did that stop Microsoft? No, of course not, they continued for years with the lie until just a month or so before launch when they knew they had to start letting people demo it.

Suave_Langosta7d ago

The issue with your argument, even if it is all true, is you’re so lost in being loyal to a company that you sit and catalogue every issue with a rival company. Sure you can say that you have good memory or whatever but it’s a petty act in the end. It’s not that they don’t agree with what you say, it’s how you say it. Be humble or be quite, but that’s my own philosophy.

P.s. I own and enjoy all three major systems so I’ll stop you before you berate me for being a fanboy.

gam3r_4_lif37d ago

So you are saying had the game been exactly as announced you would get the game or are you just another annoying fantard who just wants games not on your plastic box to fail so you can feel some tiny victory in some fictional toy war?

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DaDrunkenJester8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I think there were so many delays and devs attached to ensure that the SP or MP weren't effected by each other. The SP honestly looks like a ton of fun in that traditional crackdown 1 style, but bigger and better.

I played wrecking zone, and while I really enjoyed the short time I had with it, I'm not sure how long it will hook me. My main issue is how aggressive the lock on is. Makes it almost impossible to get on kill streaks because as soon as you run out to collect a tag from a kill, the other team locks on immediately. They need to tone that down and let you break the lock on with other methods other than running behind or breaking through a wall.

Xb1ps48d ago

Im all about sp... don’t really care for mp but I’m also open to a good mp if it can catch my attention, at the end of the day in a mp game I want to have fun Not feel like I have to play every day for hours just to keep up with those that can afford that time.. so I can see how that lock on would be great if you are doing most of the killingAnd the frustration if you are the one getting killed... that’s a very difficult thing to balance as a developer...

At the end of the day I’m an old school gamer if cloud computing or cloud... what ever the he’ll it is, if it wasn’t ready they should have focused on sp and pushed back the mp until it was ready. IMO ms messed up by trying to make a sp experience and a cloud experience at the same time.. the “cloud”held this franchise back.

It’s a real shame ms picked this game to experiment the cloud thing with, could have been something great as a sp game first, but hey I have gamepass and will be looking forward to get proven wrong.

Thundercat778d ago

"Looks like a good fun time, if you can accept Crackdown 3 for what it is"

In other words... A good fun time, If you can lower your standards.

DaDrunkenJester8d ago

No, as in stop holding it to a pre-alpha tech test and enjoy it for the game they built.

IRetrouk8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Why do you keep calling it a pre alpha tech test when it was clearly labeled as pre alpha gameplay?, it was also advertised as the game, and in the interviews...... They all called those early vids the real deal, now you trying to damage control 😂....funny man.

mark_parch8d ago

Do you understand what pre-alpha means? I'm disappointed the destruction isn't like what was shown 3 years ago but you should never expect pre alpha footage to represent the final game. The game still looks fun to me, really looking forward to playing co-op on Friday and hopefully developers can keep improving on the cloud tech in future games. Game pass for the win

IRetrouk8d ago

Ummmm What??? Did Sony not show days gone in pre alpha? I could link loads of pre alpha footage to games that look like their final versions, They blantantly said that that's what the game was, on plenty of ocasions not just once, they even advertised the game with the pre alpha destruction footage, go read any of the interviews from that time, or even after, they never once said that the multiplayer was being changed untill the leaks and rumors started happening. And even then it took them ages to confirm.

gamingunited7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

At some point they had to have realized what they promised wasn't possible. But instead of being honest they continued the charade right up until the end.

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AmUnRa7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

So all the fake video's overpromising underdelivering hyping the Cloud and hyperbowl that Microsoft created for years are forgiven cous its "fun to play.".

You have low standards, but than again there is only one game on the Xbox One that has a score above 90. this game will not reach that score, not in a milion years. It will be a mediocre game, just like many other Xbox One (excl.) games.
But the hardcorefanboys are hyping this game up, forget all the promisses made, cous it will be "fun to play." 🙄

gam3r_4_lif37d ago

So your motto is never try never fail. I guess we should just ask all devs to stop trying new things just make third person story driven QTE games

NarutoFox7d ago


"just make third person story driven QTE games"

Huh? 🤔 We don't want devs to stop trying out new things its just not working out for Microsoft unfortunately. It's been over a decade and they still haven't release anything better than the Halo franchise.

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NarutoFox8d ago

In development for 5 years and Power of the cloud

TheSaint8d ago

Funny how you're getting downvoted for literally just mentioning facts. Almost like the people doing it know it should have been better.

Downvotes to the right please.

bobsmith8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

looks good in campaign in this video played the wrecking zone test with different stylelooks better in single player should make different versus mode for non simulation style but probably need the destruction to stop camping. and you can jump maybe too high in this compared to last crackdown like 10x

DaDrunkenJester8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I think the jumping is fine because if how vertical the game is. At least in the MP.

The SP you'll start out with low jumps until you build your agility, just like in the other crackdowns.

DaDrunkenJester8d ago

Looks like a lot of fun, and strange I'm seeing character and item shadows ... hmm

DaDrunkenJester8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Did he just say swap out the female for a male who is a better driver than her!?


Xb1ps48d ago

What you said makes 0 sense

DaDrunkenJester8d ago

Should I re-phrase?

The guy describing the agents said (paraphrasing): "You can choose a female agent who has better agility our swap her out for a male who is better at driving."

The joke here is that women are bad at driving, and I'm making fun of someone who would get triggered by someone saying that women are bad drivers.

Is that better?

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