The Division 2 Private Beta Impressions: Ubisoft May Have a Winner Here

The private beta for The Division 2 is here & to seemingly everyone's surprise, the game is actually good. Ubisoft has finally done well here.

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DaveZero8d ago

I've played the beta and I absoloute love it.

The beta already feels like a very polished beta.

I feel that The Division 2 2ill be a very much refined game as to what it's previous title was. The first game was slowly built up not just with content but the way the game plays with it's features and getting the right patches in place.

It certainly feels they have taken the winning formula from there final product of the division 1 and put all the best bits into the division 2. They have also added miles more to the game in way of new features which I won't spoil for you but geez there's alot. The action is even better than the first game and enemy's are smarter to which is great.

Let's put it like this I tried the anthem demo and it left a bad taste on the mouth, I then tried the division and felt totally satisfied a d came away with my mind made up.

Definitely a day one buy for me.

rdgneoz37d ago

Drone kamikaze spam and grenade launcher spam (with no markers for explosion radius) does not make for "smarter" ai... Throw in shotgunners hitting you with perfect accuracy from 40 yards and now staggering you, and that is great AI... Also, I swear they said they reduced TTK, though yellow and purple mobs still take about as long as in Division 1.

rdgneoz37d ago

Scopes are annoying compared to 1, the repair kits taking 2 or 3 seconds is 'great' with grenade/drone spam or shottys, texture loading issues are still around which distracts from a otherwise beautiful game, invaded missions are just legendary mode from D1 where rikers(now hyenas)/cleaners(outcasts which are the inverse of the cleaners) were replaced by LMB (black Tusk), and throw in that 2 factions are basically the LMB (True sons and black tusk, with the black tusk having robots/drones) adds for a lot of diversity... Hopefully the LZ provides gear in endgame (with all the time they've spent on it for D2), as in D1 you basically had to do legendary modes or DZ for loot and LZ died off.

414gamer7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Rdg it’s a cover shooter. You cover and target the shotgunners first. Pay attention to the nade launchers and roll or cover to cover out the way. Easy peazy.

CorndogBurglar7d ago

Are these shotgunners hitting you with perfect accuracy from 40 yards out while you are behind cover?

Giblet_Head7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I am definitely not getting this day one anymore. This beta was one of the most unoptimized experiences of my life. It's like the team that worked on the alpha's optimization was laid off soon after and replaced by the Assassin's Creed team. 80-10 fps fluctuations, crashing my computer four times. Didn't matter how low the settings were set.

I'll wait until after a few patches, maybe. But as someone that put in over four hundred hours into the first game and remained dedicated for years This is so much of a technical trainwreck I'm no longer excited for it.

slate917d ago

Dude I thought the exact same with the div 2 beta. The AI was very very impressive.

Kabaneri7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Its an overall improvement over the first, but I think I had more fun with Anthem's gameplay.

414gamer7d ago

Anthem seemed very bland to me. Looks great graphically though

discobastard7d ago

It's so dull especially when compared to Anthem

Profchaos7d ago

Apples to oranges military shooter vs sci fi fantasy

Lionalliance7d ago

youre comparing two different genre games dude.

discobastard6d ago

Yes, and I found one to be dull is all. Regardless of genre.

kneon6d ago

I found Anthem to be incredibly dull.

discobastard6d ago

Glad you are happy to say so. Be brave with your opinions

Profchaos6d ago

There's no talking sense to this guy regardless of genre it's like complaining that my flight simulator isn't a bus simulator.

TheColbertinator7d ago

Very intense moments I've had so far especially because of those melee berserkers.

BlacKJesu57d ago

I'm still needing more gear main complaint

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