File sizes revealed for PS4 versions of Far Cry: New Dawn, Jump Force and Metro Exodus

The file sizes have been revealed for three upcoming PlayStation 4 games: Far Cry: New Dawn, Jump Force and Metro Exodus.

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9d ago
ShellB9d ago

Jump Force: 14.26 GB
Far Cry: New Dawn: 22.69 GB
Metro Exodus: 48.6 GB

Gwiz9d ago

Doing the gaming gods work,may Kratos be with you.

Nacho_Z9d ago

Sacrifices are going to have to made for Metro. It'll be worth it though, the game looks brilliant.

NarutoFox9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Wow Metro is pretty big

Visceral899d ago

50gb's isn't even that much these days.

KryptonKronos9d ago

"Metro Exodus will be released on the 154th of February" That's some leap year.