Battlefield 5 Upcoming Patch Will Have Frag Grenades Tweaks, Spawn Beacon & Vaulting Fixes & More

DICE has outlined some of the Battlefield 5 upcoming patch changes! Expect grenade launcher tweaks, vaulting fixes and more.

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ssmilloy369d ago

the game is a complete 180 from bf1. it forces me into 4 vs 1. so the noob tube is out of necessity, an equalizer. now got no hope

Elit3Nick9d ago

Maybe you should stay with the rest of your squad then?

Erolyn9d ago

A shame this game turned out to be the shit storm that it is. If they made a real WW2 game I think this game would have been extremely popular.

REDGUM9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It's a great team based game. It runs smooth considering all that goes on in huge maps like these. Most games I've joined have been full making it a much more popular game that the non players would think. I like it, I'm not great at it but I like it.

On another topic, anyone want to sit in a stationary weapon on the opposing team whilst I drop a bomb on them with a plane please? Just one trophy to get now "Death from Above ".

Lord_Belasco9d ago

I have sadly fallen into the k/d stat obsession with this game. Must....get....better.