The worst thing about my Xbox One is its reliance on batteries

TheVerge: “Two Black Fridays ago, on the tail end of a holiday hangover, I succumbed to my consumer urges and bought an Xbox One. The bonus of this particular bundle was, in my bleary eyes, the console itself: a deep teal color with a slick controller to match. It arrived even more beautiful in person, with one catch: Its controller, by default, still required two AA batteries.”

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CaptainCook13d ago

"by default, still required two AA batteries.”

It better than non-removable batteries that will eventually die, also it’s impossible to upgrade to something more powerful. My rechargeable battery on Xbox controller last for over 48 hours without charge compared to Duelshock 4 that needs charging at least 3x a day.

CaptainOmega13d ago

Never had a PlayStation battery 'die'. On me.

porkChop13d ago

I had two DS3s die, and my launch DS4 died last year. I do prefer the convenience of built-in rechargables, but the poor battery life of the DS4 negates that convenience.

annoyedgamer12d ago

I have siblings with a PS3, at lest one of his DS controllers is completely bad since the battery no longer holds charge. That is happening to my current XB1 battery pack now but I am about to swap it out.

Fist4achin12d ago

Duelshock batteries dont hold much of a charge. They need to put batteries that hold a higher capacity charge.

RauLeCreuset12d ago

I've never had one die either. I've had at least four controllers for PS3 and four for PS4. The battery isn't irreplaceable either. It's simply a matter of removing four screws from the controller to open it, unplugging the battery, plugging in the replacement battery, and putting the controller back together. Some people do it just to swap the battery with one that has a greater capacity.

Nitrowolf212d ago

The light bar does drain a lot of life it of and you can test this on PC where you can turn the light bar off and get an extra 4 to 8 hours

sprinterboy12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Exactly plus tbh gamers should take a rest after the controller is low plus it only takes 40mins or so to fully charge which is basically pop down the shops get some cigs and beer or cook your dinner

sampsonon12d ago

same here, and I've had one of mine for 4 yrs.

meganick12d ago

I had a PS4 controller battery die on me. It wouldn’t work unless the charge cable was connected. So, yes that can, and sometimes does happen.

andibandit12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


I dont know if its different where you live, but for europeans you left out the part where you search the internet, place an order, and wait 1-2 weeks for the replacement batteries to arrive. Everything you mentioned is the easy part.

Even worse is the fact that comparable AA batteries go up to 3000mAh, where as the ds type batteries only go upwards of 2000mAh(good luck finding a legit one).

andibandit12d ago

and to add to my previous comment:

Im sure the price difference is also bad, but I haven't been able to find a legit 2000mAh battery yet.

Imalwaysright12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Same exact experience. I still play Dragon Dogma on my PS3 and even the 2 old six axis that came with my 1st PS3 are still working. How they survived so many years is beyond me giving their build quality but they did. Don't have any problems with my DS3 and DS4 either.

Potnoodle99912d ago

Never had a ps controller die ever....had a lot of them....over many years..... absolutely played to death.

Your full of shit

RangerWalk26712d ago

You haven't? Wow...count yourself lucky. My controller I got with my Pro hasn't died. But I only use my Pro for the exclusives I'm interested in. Now on my PS3. Played it all the time. I have 3 controllers stop taking a charge.

rob-GP12d ago

To those saying you can't replace the batteries and/or that you have to wait weeks for a battery replacement are very wrong - on Amazon, you can order a new DS4 battery which you can get within a few days. It's a case of unscrewing the back cover and swapping it around - a five-minute job.

Those complaining about the length of charge on the DS4, don't forget the DS4 has the built-in speaker, the light bar, the touchpad, motion controls, and dual force feedback - there's a lot going on under the hood, more than a simple controller like the Xbox One one.

StormSnooper12d ago

Has anyone ever had a controller battery “die” on them? Pretty sure the ones that say yes are the ones that throw their controllers when they lose.

darthv7212d ago

User replaceable is best option for me. Opening a controller to replace the internal battery is possible but just not that convenient.

I use the same AA batteries in all sorts of devices so Im never without a set at the ready.

AnthonyDavis12d ago

Well it’s better than the DS4. Because that controller dies in about 3 play sessions and so you just play it while tethered to the system so you don’t have to get up and deal with it.

BizarroUltraman11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The DS4 battery sucks!! I rather have rechargeables that last longer on one charge. DS4 is a shitty controller like you!

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Razzer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Rechargeable and *easily* replaceable is obviously the best option and none of the consoles have that option, unfortunately. Which one is "better" typically comes down to what console you favor. For you.....obviously it is Xbox.

"also it’s impossible to upgrade to something more powerful. "

That's bullshit.

GottaBjimmyb12d ago

Do you see the ratings on that? Pretty much every says they are lucky to get 45 minutes after a couple months. Hardly the same as multiple high quality MS licensed battery replacements.

That said, I think a rechargeable battery should probably be included, but I hardly can understand how anyone can think options are worse than no options. (Or at best much more difficult)

Razzer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

It was an example just to show it is not "impossible". This isn't the only one. There are other options such as this one which was recommended on reddit:

alb189912d ago

Did you see the reviews of your option? Hahahaha!!

ImGumbyDammit12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"There are other options such as this one which was recommended on reddit: "

Do you know what I love about that battery? For being recommended on reddit it surely isn't very popular with the reviews. The one review (not dozens, or 100s, the only review it has) says how great it works on the PS4. But, the actual description says the batterie's connector is incompatible with the PS4. So which is it? Do I have to take apart the battery connector somehow and buy a different connector to make it work with the PS4 controller?

Razzer12d ago

lol.....these are not the only options for replacing the battery. They are examples. God, you guys are thick as bricks. What part of CaptainCook saying this was "impossible" did you guys not comprehend?

SoapyJay12d ago

I personally don't like the Play and Charge kit myself, I buy a big ol pack of eneloop batteries with a charger from Costco. I get a bunch of rechargeable AAs I can use for my Xbox controllers, wireless keyboards etc, and AAA for my remotes. Kinda a win win there.

GottaBjimmyb12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@razzer right, there are so many options you first you posted a very poorly rated product then posted a product that specifically says not for PS4. Yet not a single licensed or authorized product, or even a product with a half decent review....

You can pretend that the replacements and options are equal for the 2 controllers, but it is just not true.

Xbox: AA batteries, AA rechargable batteries (that work with almost any other device also) and tens of highly rated rechargable third party products. Almost all of these options which last 40+ hours.

PS4: 7-10 hour battery (never been a huge issue for me, but is annoying if you forget to charge) and essentially, not replaceable, but can be replaced with way too much effort and inferior products.

EmperorDalek12d ago

But Xbox does have that option. If you want the convenience of a rechargeable battery like the PS4, get the Xbox battery pack that allows for it. Sure it costs more, but it allows for more versatility on the users end.

I'd rather that than be stuck with 4 hour battery life. To see my PS3 become near useless because the controller battery packed in, and they stopped making the controllers entirely isn't ideal.

Razzer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"You can pretend that the replacements and options are equal for the 2 controllers, but it is just not true. "

I never said anything remotely like that. I was refuting the statement that it was "impossible". I've quoted that word for the third time now. Time to start reading what I actually said, dude.

For the record, Xbox One controllers are CLEARLY superior in the ability to replace batteries. That is not even debatable.

neoandrew12d ago

bullshit is u are proposing manually opening a ds4 and replace battery, this will void your ds4 warranty
there is no sony approved method of replacing battery
ofc removable batteries in a controller are superior functionality
besides ds4 build in battery last a lot less than a good rechargeable batteries in xbox controller, i know myself
sony may have best exclusives, but dont defend them where they clearly did a mistake just cuz it is sony

mogwaii12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

How do none of the consoles have that option?!, with the xbox it couldn't BE easier. What planet are you on?

GottaBjimmyb12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

For someone who says "read what I say" you sure have a huge issue in that you keep saying someone said it is impossible, despite not a single person saying that. It is not impossible, but it is unsanctioned by the manufacturer. Not only that, they are "non-removable batteries" as the OP said, not impossible removal batteries, it is a standard term and everyone (except you apparently) knows what "non-removable" means.

Iphone batteries are "non-removable" too, but technically you can open up the phone and replace the battery. Non-removable means that it is:
1. Not a modular component
2. There is no way to replace the battery within the manufacturer warranty or even in a manufacturer sanctioned way.

He did say impossible to upgrade to something better, because it is true, all replacement batteries are inferior, unless you consider making your own batteries a legitimate possibility, at which point I guess anything can be true about any product at that point.

Razzer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


"this will void your ds4 warranty " shit. Not the point at all. I didn't say there was an "approved" method.


Nope. Not impossible at all. There are confirmed working alternatives to upgrade to an improved battery. References:

"all replacement batteries are inferior" just made that shit up.

And the battery I linked previously does work if you were to reverse the connector. Again....not "impossible". Seems you have a hard time understanding such a simple word.

I never said a thing about "It better than non-removable batteries", now did I? I explicitly quoted the second part of this statement. I never argued the definition of "removable" at all.

Zeref12d ago

You have that option. It's called a play and charge kit. Easy Peasy. You don't have that option on DS4 so therefore Xbox controller wins.

GottaBjimmyb11d ago

@razzer yea, you are proving my point. You have to rig together 50 parts have your controller not even be fully assembled and most likely break your controller in the process, but it's not "impossible."

You have gone from arguing a reasonable point of view, but being wrong, to just being intentionally dumb. Again, by your standard nothing is impossible. Heck, you can actually get an Xbox controller with free charging battery pack, just steal it off the shelf, not impossible. You could build a power adaptor that can accept AAs and make it work with the controller. Obviously you are just moving your goal posts, and obviously very few things are impossible, but you understand that, it just doesn't fit after you realize you were clearly wrong, so you shift to hyperbole.

rainslacker11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

If it's under warranty just get it replaced by Sony. You'll get a whole brand new controller.

If its not under warranty, why are you worried about voiding it? Also, how are you killing the battery in one year? Are you leaving it plugged in during a lightning surge?

not saying these batteries can't go bad, as any battery can go bad, but they aren't impossible to replace, or get bigger batteries for.

Razzer has said that three times to refute you, yet you want to harp on voiding warranties or the one he linked being of poor quality. If you don't like that one, just type in dualshock 4 battery in amazon search, and find one of the many other options that will pop up.

As far as changing the battery, unsanctioned or otherwise, there are four screws. you remove the back cover which isn't connected to anything, and the battery is right there. Unplug the cable, plug in the new, replace cover, put screws back in. Done.

It's not as simple as a cover you could remove, but, as Razer said, it's not impossible.

Sounds like you just keep making up new excuses to try and avoid the fact that it's not impossible.

SirJoJo11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

"Rechargeable and *easily* replaceable is obviously the best option and none of the consoles have that option, unfortunately"
Lol What!?
The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One controller both have that option, have you even used an Xbox controller before?

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spicelicka12d ago

This. I've had 4 rechargeable batteries that I've reusing for 10 years now, since the 360 days. Leave a backup charged and replace it you're at full again.

My PS4 controller on the other hand keeps losing charge, and it's too far to charge while playing. My personal experience has been much more inconvenient with the ps4 controller..

nucky6412d ago

i bought a 10 ft charge cord for the ps4 controller - do you play further away than 10 ft?

ninerguy160812d ago

Plug a phone charger in beside you and just leave it plugged in. Never deal with a dead ds4 again.

Profchaos12d ago

You can always pick up a 10 meter cable for your ps4 controller if your sitting further back than that I'm envious of your eyesight

spicelicka11d ago

I'm not asking for solutions guys, I have enough common sense to make it work. I was just saying each controller's problem can be resolved, if you have an issue with the Xb1 controller batteries, buy rechargeable ones.

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sprinterboy12d ago

So you game 24hrs a day? 8x3=24.
BTW still on my original controller from launch day, funny how the battery is still fine other than I get 6hrs instead of the 8 from new.
Plus if your battery was too die Sony offer a free replacement, just the postage needs paying.
Oh and btw I play my ps4 daily and alot of hrs

BizarroUltraman11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

so you get six hours, wtf! Im getting a good 3days or more on rechargeable 2500mah Energizers. Always have a pair ready. If not I just plug in micro usb. Thats how I had my DS4 when I had the Pro. The DS4 was always plugged causen oh yea thats right, the battery SUCKS!! Sony cheapass basterds!

rainslacker11d ago

How long it lasts really depends on what game you're playing. RDR2 would last 5-6 hours because of all the vibration from games. KH3, I played for 2 days, 5-6 hour sessions, and it still had a charge after my last play session.

tucky12d ago

@ captaincook ...I don’t understand your disagrees. It’s a fact

Razzer12d ago

lol....that replaceable is better than rechargeable is not a fact whatsoever. Purely an opinion.

kneon12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Of my 6 DS3's, 3 DS4's and 4 Move controllers, none have dead batteries, and none have noticeably reduced battery life. And if they did, the batteries are replaceable.

sprinterboy12d ago

Agree, I get about 5 and half/6hrs these days but hey its 5yrs old plus I like to rest my eyes after that for a hr since my laser eye surgery

rainslacker11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I've had one DS3 go bad, but it was second hand, so have no clue how it was treated. I have a ton of DS3's though. My DS4 are still going strong with battery life, but they have other random a weird issue with the analog stick on one(maybe dirty), and the d-pad being unresponsive on another. I tend to just use the red one I brought, or the one that came with the PS4P. Put them in a charging cradle I keep on the end table by where I play, and if one is going to die, I swap it out in a second or two. It's also a good time to take a break.:)

Otherwise, I think the best of both worlds would be best to offer. Replaceable, but rechargeable. Something like the play and charge kit, but it fits in flush, or within the controller itself.

given the choice between standard batteries and rechargeable, I'd always pick rechargeable though. I don't have enough issues with controller batteries either way though.

Livingthedream12d ago

I prefer th battery option, I purchased a charge kit with 4 aa batteries fir abit 10 bucks, each charge lasted about 2 days. I remember the dualshock as I approached a year had trouble lasting one day. But to each their own. I think it's great to just swap batteries, and hope they keep it going in future iterations

ImGumbyDammit12d ago

I agree I think the fix for both system controllers would be for Microsoft to keep the same battery setup but include a rechargeable battery with each controller. And Sony should allow choice and make their battery easily replaceable( like the Xbox controller (both AA and large pack capable) but keep supplying a rechargeable battery with the DualShock. Problem solved. Each weakness in this particular area is solved.

Skankinruby12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Lol one of the biggest fanboy fibs this gen. I have five dualshock 4 controllers, two since launch and every single one still lasts at least 14 hours per charge

sampsonon12d ago

i have 2 controllers and a dual docking station. not an issue. never had a battery die for the dual shock 4.
i did open one of my controllers to replace a thumb stick and it took me 5 mins to do. would have taken me 2 minutes to change the battery if i needed to.

can't believe MS is making people buy batteries still lol

Zeref12d ago

can't believe sony is forcing you to use irreplaceable batteries.

sampsonon11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@Zeref: Did you read the comment dummy?
I have spent $0 on batteries since i bought the ps4.... dummy.

"irreplaceable batteries." ?

how are the exclusives going?

ocelot0712d ago

Never had a bettery die on me in a DS4 or DS3 controller. If one ever did ill just replace the battery as it's very simple. So much for non-removable ay.

rebeljoe1412d ago

Just replace the internal battery dmbazz, god this generation is useless

letsa_go12d ago

But I upgraded my PS4 controller battery...and it is removable.

414gamer12d ago

Lmao the PS4 crybabies really hate this post. Because it’s true as fuckkj

SierraGuy11d ago

What that the Xbox controller sucks?

And that it's just slightly too heavy with those awesome AA battery pack.

TKCMuzzer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Lol, 3 x a day, nothing like exaggeration for effect.

In context, my DS4's need charging once every two days and are still going strong. Even my launch DS4's still hold their charge.

Nice try though.

You do also realise that the rechargeable battery pack will also need replacing at some point.

I have also replaced batteries in DS controllers, its pretty simple.

rainslacker11d ago

Maybe that many times a day if he played 24 hours a day, and was using dollar store batteries which were expired. Otherwise, the Xbox controller does have pretty good battery life considering all the power it pulls for things like rumble....which is the largest drain on the battery in all controllers.

Ciporta198012d ago

Strange coz I've upgraded that impossible to upgrade battery in my ps4.

NarutoFox12d ago

Umm I swap my battery out of my DS4 controller before

Sophisticated_Chap12d ago

The rechargeable Xbox battery pack is the best solution. The battery life is amazingly long. You can literally game for a week before needing to recharge the controller.

FanboysKiller12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I see what you are saying but I have to disagree with you, My ds3 controller still kicking after a decade of thousands and thousands hrs of gameplay, I literally take it out of my head. And I understand that the xbox controller tech is advanced and consumes more power cause it has wifi built into it which has higher bandwidth compares to Bluetooth and on top of that it uses 4 vibration units but unfortunately there is no cheaper model, it's just not for everyone.

Artemidorus12d ago

Never heard anyone have an issue with the DS4 battery wise.