PlayStation Store Flash Sale Now Live, Here Are the Complete List of Discounted Games With Links

Live now is a PlayStation Store flash sale, and there are a lot of good games discounted. Tetris Effect is one of them!

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CP_Company13d ago

Where is this sale? Mars? Venus?

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It says its live until Feb 11, at 8:00am “PST” which i believe means “Pacific Standard Time”, so its a north america sale.

Also Jupiter’s 5th moon if youre from that part. Also Man United fans pay double if they lose to PSG.

CP_Company12d ago

Title "PlayStation Store Flash Sale Now Live, Here Are the Complete List of Discounted Games With Links"

article starts with "Live now is a PlayStation Store flash sale, and there are a lot of good games discounted. Tetris Effect is one of them!"

and that is it. then you need to click the link, so no, it does not say where or until !

S2Killinit12d ago

I was just trying to help you out, not show you up.

zahdab13d ago

haven't I seen this somewhere before ....
I don't think every news agency will cater for you personal preferences with their titles ... get over it

Chaosdreams13d ago

Tetris Effect discount, very nice.

excaliburps13d ago

Yep, the highlight of the sale for me. Would have wanted it to be a little bit cheaper, but I'll take what I can get. Haha!

anonymousfan13d ago

I always play tetris in local coop with my wife not sure I understand what makes this VR version so special?

Agent_00_Revan13d ago

Sweet! Been waiting for this to go on sale. $30 ain't bad.

hobbes209913d ago

I just bought this full price with zero regrets. I encourage any PS4 owner with even a passing interest in puzzle and/or music games to give Tetris Effect a go. An absolutely sublime gaming experience.

VerminSC13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Shoot, I want it but still can’t justify $30 for Tetris. Especially since I don’t have VR

Muzikguy12d ago

The game does look interesting. I bet it would shine on the 4K TV I finally bought.

Muzikguy11d ago

I downloaded the demo to show the wife and she liked it so bought the game. A good way for me to justify that purchase 😂

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Kaii13d ago

Seems to show me some kind of error, Fallout 76 Is 40% off Instead of 100% :S
Jokes aside, Darksiders 3 seems pretty tempting :p

TheRacingX12d ago

Darksiders 3 is a good game and definitely worth it if you liked either of the previous games

DVAcme13d ago

Monster Hunter World for $25 is a STEAL. Anyone not yet on board with it should definitely make the plunge now, especially since the new Witcher DLC just dropped yesterday. You can get a FUCKTON of gameplay from the game right now before Iceborne drops at the end of the year.

Omnisonne13d ago

Might just pick it up now.. don't see it dropping below 20 anytime soon. Should give me enough time to finish it before the Iceborne DLC coming fall 2019 too.

PhoenixUp13d ago

How do Nintendo and Microsoft see that PSN alone is making more revenue than their entire gaming companies and not adapt to monthly flash sales?

SuperSonic9113d ago

This is why more gamers flock to PSN.

1. Good luck with Nintendo about that. They know their diehard loyal fans will sell their kidneys to save Nintendo.

mkis00712d ago

If Nintendo would change they would likely be the market leader...but they are so stingy.

Muzikguy12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Interesting question. I do think that in case of the Xbox people will wait and not buy "new" whereas PS customers do tend to buy games when they're new instead of waiting for a sale specifically or for the game to come "free" later on Plus or the game pass in Microsoft's case. I'm sure the bulk of PS revenue is still from games selling when released instead of in flash sales. Flash sales are still nice though but I haven't regret any games bought this gen except for Watch Dogs (and then I haven't bought any more Ubisoft games) and I've stayed away from EA as well

Also, I rarely EVER see Nintendo have a sale. Not sure why that is but they seem to keep raking in the money so it must be working

TheRacingX12d ago

MIcrosoft has sales, usually bigger ones every 3-4 weeks, they just had an UBI sale, I got the new For Honor content for $15, Guacamelee 2 with the extra content for $16, its out there , I think they work with the 3rd parties to see what they can bring to sale.... deals to be had on both for sure

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