Anthem Gets Spectacular Launch Trailer to Celebrate Upcoming Release

Today BioWare released a launch trailer for its online action-RPG Anthem.

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starchild9d ago

I've read the developers' answers to questions and seen enough to be confident that I'll enjoy the game. I plan to get it at release or shortly thereafter. It looks great.

rdgneoz39d ago

The devs have really done a great job answering questions - hopping on reddit or Twitter to answer a post or such pretty quickly, gathering feedback and fixing / making changes (16 person launch bay for example). Basically keeping people up to date on things daily.

Gaming4Life19819d ago

Day one as well.

Disagrees for you saying day one lol, wth is wrong with people on this site.

bloop9d ago

What's wrong with disagreeing?? It just means those people won't be getting it day one.

TheSaint9d ago

Maybe some of us are not getting it day one because it's a little lackluster.

Not exactly rocket science is it?

Kumakai9d ago

Me too! Loved the demo. Trailer looks epic. Already pre-ordered.

81BX9d ago

Same. Went digital on x

8d ago
-Foxtrot9d ago

I love how these multiplayer "work together" trailers are done in such a way where you're like "with my friends...that would never play out like that".

Looks pretty and the flying looks cool...that's it.

sprinterboy9d ago

It didn't look anything like that in my demo playthrough lol, ie oh this looks alright followed by loading screen oh, then battle combat was like pepper enemy with bullets, while reloading press R1 followed by by L1 then bk to pepper enemy with bullets while waiting for R1/L2 to charge rinse and repeat.
I'll pick it up Xmas time for sp only tbh

rdgneoz39d ago

I used more abilities than bullets. Play around with / learn your abilities / change classes if you dont like it, and it's not just a straight shooter with a few abilities mixed in.

WilliamSheridan9d ago

Ok, so let me stay by saying I love my Xbox One X. But was anyone else underwhelmed by the graphics? Division 2 Beta looks spectacular. The detail in Anthem felt a little lacking

jagermaster6199d ago

You must have been playing it on PS4 then. Oh R1, L1, yeah I see the problem lol. Kidding but it played amazing on the x.

Obscure_Observer9d ago


"Looks pretty and the flying looks cool...that's it."

Come on, Fox...

You know you want it! XD

-Foxtrot9d ago

No...unlike some I stick to my guns

I don't think it looks good, it didn't play that well, it seems generic, not up to the main Bioware teams standards and I refuse to support EA knowing MTs will come in some form.

shammgod9d ago

You’re right! What they aren’t showing is the fact that within 2 hours you will have seen the entire game, the microtransactions that will be abundant, and the price to add the next expansion.

StrengthInNumbers9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Looks awesome - I need it.


If the game lives up to the trailer it could be pretty fun!

Elwenil9d ago

Most likely the absolute worst version of Ironman ever produced.

Elwenil8d ago

I take it that the disagrees are from people who aren't old enough to know Black Sabbath?

AngainorG7X9d ago

Looks crazy. That spinning move from the green javelin at 0:40 is pure porn.

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The story is too old to be commented.