Apex Legends – A Worthy Successor To Titanfall?

Seven Out Of Ten takes a look at Apex Legends, providing a short history lesson about developer Respawn Entertainment and their Titanfall series.

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DevilGearHill6667d ago

...How the hell is a game which is literally of different genre is supposed to be a successor ? Sure it's a First-Person Shooter first and foremost, but Titanfall is a completely different kind of a multiplayer game... What are people blabbering about ?

Godmars2907d ago

Because if its considered to be anywhere more successful it will replace it.

DevilGearHill6667d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Doesn't matter much if it's not the same type of game. For example, no matter how successful RE4 was it never replaced the older traditional REs. People are still coming back to those. Because they are, in essence, different games.
Success has nothing to do with it.

Godmars2907d ago


Not talking about past games but moving forward. And moving forward if this cheap cash-out of a game does better, is better received or considered to be more popular than a title that's required more effort, then the chances of a Titianfall 3 become far more remote.

Kabaneri7d ago

Stupid question. Some of these journalists write dumb shit for the sake of writing.