PlatinumGames Shows Off the Studio with New Video Tour

Today acclaimed Japanese developer PlatinumGames released a video providing a tour of the team's own main offices in Osaka.

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Neonridr44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

jesus, that guy at 1:34 into the video. Talk about a massive screen so close to your face. :P

isarai44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Hey man, some people opt for more screens while other opt for bigger screens, need at least of of those types of setups in a development environment. At least he's got polarized lenses (i can spot the yellow tint through his glasses)

Neonridr44d ago

yeah, it's just crazy to think of a 40"+ monitor that close to your face.

isarai44d ago

lol it certainly looks bonkers

Greedsin43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Well considering it's a drawing tablet it makes sense. Allot of artists tend to have the screen that close to them while drawing. It's not good for your back most of the time but allot of people can change that with a standing desk honestly.

Edit: OH! WAIT! I got the time wrong there, I was looking at the tablet before that big screen lol.

Yes you are right, kind of over doing it.

Neonridr43d ago

lol, yeah the tablet I can understand.. the bigger the surface the more you can draw on it. ;)

isarai44d ago

lol i notice they don't have the TMNT game on display, not one to be proud of i suppose

Christopher43d ago

"Platinum maintains its luster forever."

That's a great slogan for a gaming company.

Neonridr43d ago

I wonder if the letters on the wall are made of platinum too.... hmmmm

AK9143d ago

Cool now I just need the Wonderful 102 and another Yoko Taro game and I'm set.

WitcheRivia43d ago

Meh. They only make overrated mediocre games.

gangsta_red43d ago

How dare you! Platinum is one of the very few developers who could never do such a thing.

*looks at The Legend of Korra game*

Okay, but that was a fluke to pay the bills.

MasterCornholio43d ago

I didn’t find Bayonetta or Vanquish to be mediocre.


Though those are the only platinum games that I’ve really played with Vanquish being my favorite one.

thepatientgamer43d ago

Didn't Bayo/Bayo2 revitalize the action game genre?