Amazon’s questionable MMO has you colonize the ‘new world’

"I enjoy playing sandbox MMO New World. This open-world adventure game teems with personality, teamwork, crafting, and combat. But New World is also perplexing and, worse, problematic.

But New World is also a sanitized re-enactment of the European colonization of the Americas and elsewhere. It’s a manifestation of the great white fantasy of virgin territory and new beginnings. The game treads unwarily into a Heart of Darkness-like country of racist imperialism." Polygon says.

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crazyaejay11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I ate a banana then I farted.

Mr Pumblechook10d ago

This article from Polygon and the one from Kotaku yesterday demonstrate why the websites should be banned from N4G. Because their focus is not on gaming but political activism.

Sono42110d ago

Seriously this is a clearly racist article, how is this even approved? I don't understand, they are obviously trying to stir the pot for clicks, yet it get's approved, is N4G asleep at the wheel? If you keep putting this racist propaganda on here I swear I will quit this site.

crazyaejay10d ago

Dear Mr Pumblechook and Sono421:

If you indeed ate a banana then farted as I did then perhaps you wouldn't be so upset by an article.

Yours truly,

- crazyaejay

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sander970210d ago

White people that still feel guilty about colonization and slavery are the ones you really gotta be careful around, they are obviously hiding something.
I would rather spend 10 minutes in a room with clan members than I would these SJW fabbots TBH.

Cueil10d ago

At least the clan is honest with their goals lol

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knickstr11d ago

Anyone that is offended by the colonization of America needs to this. If you're not native american then you need to research who the land that you have a house and property belonged to before the colonization. Track the native americans who owned it before and offer them your property since you only received it from 'racists' from the past and your property is tainted. Then figure out what country you migrated from and return there. If this isnt your land then you are benefitting from colonizers and you wouldn't want that. Problem solved.

kevinsheeks11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What if you were forced here by boat and on that boat a lot of your people died, and some were tossed overboard and also when you "arrived" you were forced to provide free labor and retirement only came in death, also you were forced to be a sexual buck to reproduce more slaves that would only know a future of forced labor as well, also when you did get "freedom" they paid off the slaveowners instead of the slaves so you really got nothing . .should the funding of this migration be provided by those descendants of slave owners or we just dodging accountability?

Also who exactly received something? what are you hinting at in this gibberish rant you've put together, are you saying the native americans received something or the slaves who worked for free? You need to be more detailed how is the property tainted? so basically everybody else is to blame but the group that actually did the act?

I get you tried to sound smart, I can see through it to that hateful core though get you some help buddy that privilege and unsubstantiated hate will be your downfall.

Oh, problem solved.

knickstr11d ago

Feel better? My point is that if you're so offended by the colonizers yet you live on land that colonizers take then you're just being offended for the sake of being offended. It wasnt fair what the colonizers did but life isnt fair and most countries have procured their lands by survival of the fittest. It's the way this world works whether you like it or not.

If you're so offended that colonizers took land then give back what doesnt belong to you. Do something about it. Doesn't matter how you got here. The colonizers acquired and then sold land to other migrants and later on to those who were forced here. People are so offended about colonizers and what they did, yet are happy to live in this land that was stolen and perfectly content with the status quo.

kevinsheeks11d ago

Lmao you win I'm not stupid enough to debate social/racial/political issues on n4g or any gaming site good day lol

Hungryalpaca11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

my god you reparationist type americans are insufferable.

No one involved in ANY of that is alive today. Should Britain give people of other ethnic backgrounds free stuff for their imperialism in the past? What about the Ottoman Empire that enslaved whites from Europe? Africans? What about when Africans took slaves? Are they guilty too?

Oh right white people don’t count. Only black people can be slaves even though there’s a massive slave trade going on TODAY that doesn’t care about race.

Profchaos11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

So I know you where hinting at slavery but you basically just described Australia initially.

rainslacker11d ago

While I'm all about people understanding their heritage and taking pride in it, or learning from the past, the people alive today aren't being held back because of their ancestors being displaced from their land 200-300 years ago. While I understand they may want the right thing to be done for the wrongs to their family in the past, they themselves were not subject to the kinds of things you speak of, and as awful as those things were, there are only a few cases where I feel people are justified in seeking restitution from others, who may or may not have had any hand in what transpired.

There's a lot of ugly history in the course of America becoming an independent country, and plenty of ugly things that happened after it sought it's independence from Britain. It doesn't mean the people today are responsible for those things, or that people today are entitled to something why they may not even have a claim to. Native Americans have been taken advantage of for centuries, but it's their choice to stick to their land, or seek progress on their own. The government gave them land in an attempt to remedy it's past, and as bad as that past was, eventually people have to accept that not everyone is responsible for perpetuity.

Da_Ocsta10d ago

And now your descendants live in the greatest country in the world as opposed to some African warzone/shithole. Thanks slavery!

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jmc888810d ago

Nah, Native Americans aren't Native to America.

They came over the Bering Strait land bridge from Asia during the last Ice Age. Gene pool wise, they are closest to Asians. If you look at the migration patterns What is considered the white race split off from the Asians around China/Eastern Siberia. Some stayed. Some crossed into the Americas. Others headed back west into Europe.

There aren't any Native Americans, at least not anymore.

Cobra95110d ago

Sure there are. We're native Americans. Regardless of race, we were born here; our parents were born here; their parents were born here. Enough with the identity crap. We're all in this together.

KillBill10d ago

Well you are wrong. Native Americans did not actually own the land and did not believe in land ownership. They did have territory but they did not believe said territory was ownable by any person or tribe. And the act of land sales back in the time even were enacted by the colonists and not the Natives and tribes were basically given items for a land and told they were still allowed to do what they always did on the land and the acquisition of the land was a colonial concept only.

Later when they were forced off said land did the learn more on what the colonial concept of land ownership actually meant in relation to how they live.

milohighclub10d ago

I think the issue with America rn is you are wall immigrants locking out other immigrants (in the land of the free, I might add)
A lot of hypocrisy going on over there.

Cobra95110d ago

Problem is that, even if you do that, somebody was there before you. You'd have to research who your ancestral lands belonged to before your ancestors conquered it, and then return it to their descendants. You would eventually have to move to a floating barge on the ocean somewhere--that's if you don't feel you're offending the fish.

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Smokehouse11d ago

Hahahahahahahaha.......hahahah ahahaha!

Darknova207711d ago

I really hate the term "problematic". It is always used by sjw types.

Leeroyw11d ago

Yep. 'problematic' means 'I haven't done my research or even played the game but I want to be offended and so should you'.


They will only be happy if at least two of the colonisers are LGBTQI.

Inzo10d ago

"They will only be happy if at least two of the colonisers are LGBTQI."

Sorry bud but SJWs aka NPCs are never happy and they are never satisfied.

rainslacker11d ago

Yeah. It is a problematic course they take when doing that, because it assumes that it actually is a problem, when it's really just a game, which does nothing to promote white supremacy. Might be in bad taste, but it's not questionable. It's just a premise for a game. Like it or don't, but move on, because it doesn't make a difference.

SubZtx10d ago

Anybody that uses the word "toxic" instead of "horrible" or "terrible" 9 times out of 10 you know the person talking is an idiot....