It May Not Be Possible to Save Fallout 76

Cass Marshall: ''I’m not sure how Bethesda is going to fix the game, to put it bluntly. And it’s becoming less clear whether Bethesda itself has an effective plan for how such a thing might be possible.''

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TheColbertinator12d ago

The intention of F76 was to emulate the success of other loot box cash cow games. The experience itself delivered was not the point but merely a channel of easy money and miniscule overhead for Bethesda.

And now the gaming world is moving forward with each new gaming release and F76 will fade away as the "red headed stepchild"

UltraNova12d ago

The game is dead. Maybe Fallout as an IP is too since Todd is too proud to stand up to his mistakes and make a proper SP Fallout game going forward.

Their next and final move is to go F2P, mark my words.

dolfa12d ago

I love F2P games, nothing beats the feeling of being superior just because you can afford it. I hate plebs.

Thundercat7712d ago

This game was a disaster since it was announced. I hope that Todd stop taking jabs at Sony as always and start focusing on his own mess.

Father__Merrin12d ago

Lot of people play it I've put in tons out hours it's a solid title imo, sure there's bugs but they will fix all these

Eizhale12d ago

I’m happily still playing this and don’t really have any real issues apart from being kicked from the server every once in a while but it’s not as bad as everybody seems to be moaning about. I just wish your Stash had unlimited space but otherwise I will keep playing this in the foreseeable future.

Father__Merrin12d ago

Yes I agree. The carry weight for crafting items also needs to be reduced. Could also do with more songs playing on apalacha radio

Phoenix7612d ago

Has anyone else noticed how Pete Hines and Todd "the Nob" Howard have gone quiet since its release.

TheColbertinator12d ago

Thank goodness. They had their head so far up their own asses before launch.

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