BioWare: Don't Assume Anthem Won't Get Raid-Style Content; Shaper Storms Now Included in Cataclysms

BioWare Game Director Jonathan Warner said not to assume Anthem won't get raid-style content. He also clarified the difference between Shaper Storms and Cataclysms.

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ccgr10d ago

Still gotta play this, got a code for it with my video card

KaiPow10d ago

They really should be talking more about what the end game content is like ahead of release.

Chris_Wray10d ago

I would imagine that as it's a MP game, raid-style content is almost guaranteed. They'll need to bring something akin to end-game to draw people into the progression and give them something to aim for.

Oathbreaker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I had such a good time playing this. I could get lost in it for hours. The more content the merrier. But before I join, I will wait for everything to be ironed out.

starchild10d ago

I didn't get into Destiny and I usually don't play a lot of games like this. Warframe is about the closest thing I play. But Anthem looks good to me. The world looks gorgeous and fun to explore, the gameplay seems to have depth and the narrative seems much better than in most games like this.

Oathbreaker10d ago

Same here. I never cared for any of them. Destiny, Division and co'. But this one lets me fly and feel bad ass. It was a wrap for me.

InTheZoneAC10d ago

So it's Sea of Thieves quality. No raids, why isn't this available? Sounds and looks like they're a year from release.

Steveoreno110d ago

Please don't compare sea of shits to this.

Alexious10d ago

Agreed. This might not have raids at launch, but it has plenty of other content...Sea of Thieves only had roaming with ships trying to hit each other with cannons once every 15 minutes or so.

Mostafeto10d ago

exactly, the VIP Access pushed me away a little with all of its issues but I am sure the final game will get more polish.

Avernus10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Borderlands or Diablo didn't have raids, and those were great / pretty good looters. Not every looter needs a "raid". SoT is not a fair comparison for itself or to Anthem.

Marioraider1810d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Tons of games have great loot systems. I guess InTheZone is a new gamer

Shikoku10d ago

Borderlands was a single player story driven game with co-op. This is an online MP looter shooter like Destiny it needs a raid and raiding content.

Avernus10d ago

@Shikoku, you can play the entire campaign solo.

And no mention of Diablo? These games don't NEED raids at all. Destiny has set some kind of benchmark to some people that I find disturbing when that game to me was garbage. You spend $170 on the first game to experience everything the game has to offer, and then they do the same in Destiny 2 and people gobble it up.

But Bungie somehow gets a pass, and in fact sets the tone for some

Sono42110d ago

I have no problem with loot based games,but there needs to be more to it then just constantly grinding for loot with random drops. Which I have a feeling will be the bulk of this games content.

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The story is too old to be commented.